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First Prize Eurozone Contest, 2012 (J. Domingo)

First prize Eurozone competition for the selection of a stage Colexio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia collaboration.

Tarantino, 1992).

Eurozone is a show of contemporary creation about the decomposition of the idea of Europe in the early twenty-first century. The play is planned as a political thriller, taking reference elements from the film Reservoir Dogs (Quentin Tarantino, 1992). The performing space of the play seeks to establish a critical dialogue with a type of architecture that has been developed recently, an architecture that is the reflect of the contemporary world in which we live. The exhibitionist architecture.

para ser consumidos y admirados antes que para ser vividos. Rem Koolhaas define a estos no lugares como espacios basura. Espacios desproporcionados e indeterminados, que no pretenden

The exhibitionist architecture is the sum total of our current achievement and is defined by creating spaces for not being inhabited, only transited, impersonal and designed to be consumed and admired rather than to be lived. Rem Koolhaas The stage space does not represent any place in concrete, with the aim to spectators of Eurozone take an extended look of what happens on the stage. It is shown as a metaphor of

de identidad pero es sorprendentemente autoritario. Puede ser

undoubtedly one of the most essential: the escalator.

Con la finalidad de que los espectadores de Eurozoone hagan una

A non-operating escalator but majestic, brilliant, capable of reflecting the human race at its most superficial appearance. The perfect symbol of the wastage and decadence that have marked an era.

puede ser reflejo de ninguna arquitectura concreta. No se trata de de museo; tampoco de una infraestructura como un aeropuerto o un estadio deportivo. La finalidad es lo de menos, como habitualmente ocurre en este tipo de arquitecturas. Se opta por elegir como

despilfarro y la decadencia.