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What make Florida the hot spot of millions? With increasing encroachment in big cities, particularly the cities people come to for job, it is very important to take break from working life and spend some good time with family. Living in such cities for prolonged time is more likely to lead you to melancholy and fatigue. This is why people have become more aware about importance of recreation. They are constantly looking for the best means of entertainment. Vacation is getting popular as the best way to get relaxations from stressed life. There are several places having delicious destinations for a number of activities. St Augustine Florida is the one of the most visited place in the world. It is the oldest city of America, founded in the year of 1565. The city has diverse history. Designed by Spanish admiral, Pedro MenĂŠndez de AvilĂŠs it served as the capital of Spain for more than two decades. Later on as the territory changed hands, it became the capital city of east Florida and remained so until it was moved to Tallahassee in 1824. But it since the last two centuries, the historical city of the Florida has been the prominent attraction for tourists. It has many incredible attractions- from historical to recreational.

HISTORICAL SITES: Being the home to a number of historical events in the past, St Augustine has a number of historical sites offering gilded opportunities to know more about the rich history of the city. It provides you opportunity to experience what you read in books of history. Explore the cobblestone streets and you will find historic sites all around downtown, with every place having long history. A travel to the city and do not have a glimpse of the Louis Comfort-Tiffany stained glass at Flagler College! Everyone visiting the city must take an exciting gaze at wonderfully designed stained glass. Similarly, climbing the steps of lighthouse is head banging activity that no one wants to miss at all. You can enjoy the sip from the fountain of youth or a walk in Aviles Street, the oldest street of the oldest city with rich historical importance. Visit St. Augustine and stop in at the old houses and museums to discover a new side of the city that was once a small port town and is now a bustling, energetic community dedicated to preserving its valuable past.

FUN ACTIVITIES: This oldest city of the Florida provides many opportunities to get involved in a number of fun activities. You can experience the attractions of city along with your family. You can get up close to wild animals, pretend you are a pirate coming to raid the city, explore centuries of history and even dig your way through a re-constructed archaeological site. For children, it offers boating, trolley tour and even an opportunity to enjoy the world of dolphins.

The city abounds in opportunities for family fun. Great part of the city is everything you see makes you learn interesting thing about the city. Visiting the Museums and older buildings takes you down in past and let you imagine the way things used to be in St. Augustine. There are fun and creative ways to learn at every corner of the ancient city.

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