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Learning for an evolving world

Colegio Gran Breta単a General Information for Interested parents

MISSION Inspire. Discover. Empower. Colegio Gran Breta単a is founded upon the values of a truly international school community. We work collaboratively to provide a holistic, inclusive and academically challenging educational experience through the medium of English. At CGB we inspire and prepare our learners for an evolving world. Eight essential, and equally important, Foundation Blocks support the day-to-day life of our school and foster intellectually prepared students who discover and embrace the ideals of global citizenship. Through empathy, and progressive teaching and learning we empower everyone to act on their beliefs, thereby cultivating independent thinkers who are able to meet the demands of the twenty-first century.


To offer a constantly evolving and dynamic curriculum that challenges, excites and prepares. To care about our learners as individuals, ensuring that everyone is included with opportunities to succeed and lead. To offer a rich curricular experience in Spanish language and Colombian cultural studies, thus facilitating an appreciation and affinity for the host country. To provide a safe learning environment in which the values of respect, acceptance and open-mindedness are honoured.


Students applying for admission must complete all procedures before being considered for admission. The school reserves the right to exclude students for academic or disciplinary reasons or to require special supplementary support at parental expense. In selecting new students, the admissions committee places great importance on the applicant's potential, indicated by testing, teacher recommendations and past performance in prior schools. Other qualities are given significant consideration as well. CGB is looking for well-rounded students of good character, whose families embrace the values and mission of CGB.


Getting to know CGB Informative meetings & tours are usually held twice a week. Appointments to attend these meetings must be scheduled in advance by completing the INQUIRY FORM on this link or by contacting Catherine Gomez 6760391, 6761847 / Families arriving from abroad Enrolment is available throughout the year for eligible candidates arriving from abroad. For families arriving only until the month of August 2014, admissions will be held from the 4th to the 8th August 2014. Local Families Local families seeking admissions must attend an informative meeting. Testing and interviews will take place in February and March 2014, and the final decision will be given on the 2nd April 2014.


Space Availability Due to the international nature of our school, applications for admissions are accepted throughout the year. If at the time you apply our classes are full, your family will be set on a waiting list. Every year an average of 20% of our families are transferred. Therefore, a significant number of spaces usually become available at the end of the year. However, it is important to clarify that space availability must always be confirmed because spaces are held only once the Admission Process has been completed and matriculation has taken place.


An appointment for student/parent interviews and testing at the school must be scheduled with the Admissions Office. All candidates are expected to take an admission test, and both parents must be interviewed by the school psychologist. Children applying to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will not take a formal admission test, but will be evaluated and observed while participating in a variety of activities.

These appointments can be scheduled only on Mondays or Tuesdays at 8.20 a.m. In order to ask for the above appointment please complete the FORM and upload the required documents.

An Application Fee of $130,000 COP or $65 US per child, must be paid to the Admissions Office on the same day of the appointment.


The following documents will be required for your application. All of these documents need to be scanned in order to be uploaded as PDF files. •Information page from the applicant's passport for non-colombians / Birth certificate or "tarjeta de identidad“ for Colombians. •Applicant’s individual photo •Family photo •School transcripts (last three years of schooling) •Parents' bank reference, income certificate or company letter verifying financial solvency •Any information regarding special needs such as reports on occupational therapy, language therapy, gifted and talented, psycho-educational information, individualised educational plan, amongst others. •We will be sending a reference form to be completed by your child's form tutor, and your child’s maths and English teachers. Please have their e-mails at hand.


• The Admissions Committee will review the application once forms and supporting documents have been submitted and student/parent interview and testing have taken place. • Once acceptance has been granted, the matriculation process should take place within a week. The corresponding procedures and instructions are sent by e-mail to parents. For Immediate Admission • A decision about admission will be sent by e-mail 5 days after the entire process has been completed. • Children may start school 2 days after matriculation has taken place, i.e. payments have been made and contracts have been duly signed and submitted to the school`s office.

Attend an informative meeting to know the school

Formal reply is sent, after whole process has been completed.

Complete the on-line form to schedule your Appointment

Family must confirm within a week. Matriculation contracts are sent out.

Attend the Interview and Testing Appointment with your family

Children may start school 2 days after payment has been made and contracts have been submitted.

‌. and submit pending documentation & Application Fee


AGE (By 31st Aug. In the year of entry)






Kinder 3*




Kinder 4



Year 1

Kinder 5



Year 2

1st Grade



Year 3

2nd Grade



Year 4

3rd Grade



Year 5

4th Grade



Year 6

5th Grade



Year 7

6th Grade



Year 8

7th Grade



Year 9

8th Grade



Year 10

9th Grade



Year 11

10th Grade



Year 12

11th Grade



Year 13

12th Grade


Cut date – 31st August

ONE TIME FEE You will find the school fees attached. In addition to these fees, there is a ONE TIME FEE to be paid upon entrance which ranges between US$12,500 (preschool) and US$4,000 (IB levels) depending upon the grade level the student will enter. This is to be paid by all CGB students when they register for the first time in the school. This fee is applied in order to meet the additional costs inherent in providing an international education in Colombia: oEnglish as a first language. 85% of the curriculum is delivered in English by teachers who have English as a first language and experience in the British Curriculum and international education. oChildren access international programmes such as the British National Curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education which later will provide opportunities for students to enter prestigious universities around the world.


oCGB invests in professional development for staff, resulting in better trained teachers, enriched learning experiences for students, and staff retention. oImported books and other student resources. oAccreditation from International Organisations such as the NEASC and the CIS . Assurance of the highest quality educational standards for your children. oAffiliation to international associations and participation in conferences around the world such as AACBI, LAHC, TriAssociation, PTC, amongst many others.


GENERAL CALENDAR FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015 There will be 3 terms with 3 reporting periods, including a fourth final summary report (compiled by the academic officer). This is in accordance with Colombian Law. Please note that certain holidays do not coincide with the end of terms. TERM 1 Thursday 14th August 2014 to Friday November 14th 2014. Classes begin for Secondary only on Thursday August 14th; Y1-Y6 commence on Wednesday 20th August; Nursery and Reception begin on Thursday August 21st Mid-Term Break: Monday October 6th to Friday October 10th. Public Holiday on Monday October 13th. Students and staff return on Tuesday October 14th. TERM 2 Tuesday 18th November 2014 - Friday 13th March 2015 December holidays: School breaks up at 12 noon on Friday 12th December. Monday 15th December – Wednesday 14th January 2015 (Students start on Wednesday 14th January. Tuesday 13th January is a teacher-training day). TERM 3 Monday 16th March 2015 – Tuesday 23rd June 2015 Easter Holidays: School breaks up at 2pm on Friday 27th March. Monday 30th March 2015 – Friday 10th April 2015 (Students and Staff return on Monday 13th April). Last school day for students: Friday 19th June Recuperations begin: Monday 22nd June Academic Year 2015-2016 commences on Thursday 13th August 2015


Arrival to school

7:15 – 7:25 a.m.

Classes Begin

7:25 a.m. Departure times

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Classes finish at 2:50 p.m. Students depart at 3:00 p.m.


Classes finish at 2:00 p.m. Students depart at 2:10 p.m.

OTHER SERVICES FOOD SERVICE (Obligatory service for all students) Meals are provided by a local catering establishment of high repute, and menus are devised by a nutritionist to provide a balanced diet that appeals to children. There is a daily salad bar, and students also enjoy snacks and juices at morning breaks and upon finishing after school clubs in the afternoon. TRANSPORTATION SERVICE (Optional 85% students subscribe to it) Please be aware that school bus service is provided only if the bus stop is located within our service perimeters. The first child is picked up at approximately 6:15 a.m. and last child at 6:45 a.m. UNIFORMS. Uniforms are available from two local suppliers “JUBALAI� located at Calle 85 No. 12-90, Tel. 6219221, 2573636, and at DISNOGAL located in Cedritos Mall, store 2001, tel. 6146052. We recommend purchasing the uniforms only after admission has been confirmed.

EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT DEPARTMENT Admission is dependent on CGB’s current ability to meet a child’s particular range of needs as determined by educational, medical, and psychological testing. An additional fee is required for students entering the school with a specific educational need. This applies to students who: Support Needed

Fee Per Year

Need a shadow at all times whilst they are in the school

US 1,000

Have an Individual Educational Plan

US 2,000

Attend more than two therapies outside of school

US 2,000

These fees cover the following department services: • Regular contact with the parents e.g. meetings with CGB staff, meetings with outside agencies • Regular contact between outside agencies, the Educational Achievement Department (EAD) and the school • Monitoring and updating of the Individual Educational Plan through consultation and reports by specialist teachers/therapists. These fees are in addition to the costs of therapies and the hiring of a shadow, which is the responsibility of the parents.


A variety of co-curricular activities is offered to students of all ages. The activities range from football and cooking lessons to photography and crafts. It is compulsory that all teachers and students participate in these clubs, as it is an essential part of our philosophy of holistic education, stimulates the students and also fosters healthy relationships across the school. The following are some of the activities that have been offered: Basketball, Volleyball, Homework Club, Dancing to different types of music, Film Analysis, Tennis, Rugby, Football, Softball, Horseback riding, Outdoor Activities, Photography, Scuba diving, Cooking Club, Carpentry and Robotics amongst others.


24 17 92 1.6 1st 28% 72% 24 38 1997 6% 550

Schools in Colombia offering the IB Diploma Programme Schools in Bogota offering the IB Diploma Programme Teachers at CGB: 41 foreigners, 51 Colombians Teacher Student Ratio / Personalised Education First school to obtain a double international accreditation: NEASC, CIS Percentage of Colombian students Percentage of foreign students Place obtained in the ICFES out of 10,000 schools. Highest level Number of nationalities amongst the student body School's inauguration Staff turnover Number of students at CGB: 51% boys and 49% girls.

Some of our Alumni

CAREER Anthropology Architecture Industrial Engineering Political Sciences Film & Animation Political Sciences Journalism Sports Management Aerospace Engineering International Relations & Economy Communications Industrial Engineering Photography and Illustration Design

UNIVERSITY Andes University Javeriana University Universidad de Chile National University Arts Institute of Boumemouth Andes University Hosstra University Duquense University in Pittsburg Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ. Duquense University Javeriana University Andes University Savannah College of Art & Design Andes University

COUNTRY Colombia Colombia Chile Colombia England Colombia U.S. U.S. Dayton Beach, Florida Pittsburg, U.S. Colombia Colombia U.S. Colombia

Industrial Design Mechanical Engineer Architecture Economy Communications International Relations Biology US Navy Business Administration Political Science

IED, Barcelona España TEC Monterrey Mexico University of Buenos Aires Argentina Universidad de los Andes Colombia Universidad Anahuac Mexico Kingston University England University of British Columbia - Campus Canada of Okanagan Miami US ESADE Barcelona España The Catholic University of America Washington DC

Communications & Mass Media Economics Biomedical Engineering Mechanics Engineering Transmedia Arts Geosciences Psychology Mecanics Engineering

Franklin College Vanderbilt University Universidad de los Andes University of North Florida University of Applied Arts Universidad de los Andes University of Waterloo TEC Monterrey

Switzerland United States Bogotá United States Viena, Austria Bogotá Canada Mexico

Colegio Gran Bretaña

Map of Bogota


“Learning for an evolving world”



Please check our website for additional information. Let us know if I you need further help or if you would like to attend an informative meeting to know more about our school. Map to get to CGB Fiorella Rocha Administrative Director

Catherine Gomez Coordinadora Admisiones

Tel. (571) 6760391, (571)6761847, Fax: (571) 6760426 Carrera 51 No. 215-20, Bogotรก, Colombia


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