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Antía Díaz Iago García Javier Stylianou

Index 1.- Introduction 2.- Flag 3.- Geography 4.- Food 5.- Humans of The Netherlands 6.- What did I learn?

1.-Introduction Country Name: The Netherlands. Language: They speak dutch. Population: There are 17.000.074 people in The Netherlands.

2.-Flag ●

Adoption: 19th of February 1937. Colors: It has got three colors: red, white and blue.


The Netherlands are in the northwestern part of Europe.

Map of The Netherlands

There are many beaches.

There aren’t mountains.

There are a lot of islands.

Interesting places â—?

There is a Van Gogh museum.


There are cube houses.

Interesting places â—?


Keukehnof gardens. There is a science museum.

Interesting places â—?

There is a Heineken world.

4.-Food They always eat a lot of potatoes. They sometimes eat eels. They often drink coĂąac of The Nertherlands. For lunch they eat beans soup.

5.-Humans of The Netherlands She’s young. She’s tall and slim. She’s got blond hair. She’s got blue eyes. She’s got a normal nose. She’s got a big mouth. She’s wearing a black jacket.

6.- What Did I learn? ●

In The Netherlands They speak Dutch

They eat eels.

We like The Netherlands.

A country