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15 April, 2018


(PR-KVI-London): A meeting of Kashmir Voice International (KVI) took place today in London. In the meeting the deteriorating situation in Kashmir and the expectations and the response from Kashmir Valley Diaspora in UK was considered and discussed. Addressing the meeting KVI Chairman Prof. Raina said that it is very sad that on the one hand India claims Kashmiris its citizens, while on the other hand protecting the communal elements who always try to pollute the harmony between the communities. It is these elements whether Lawyers or Political Workers who left no stone unturned and did everything in their power to save the perpetrators of the heinous crime of Asifa, eight year Muslim Bakerwal child. He said the alliance of BJP and PDP is responsible for making every day increased killings possible besides disturbing the harmony in the state which is evident from the participation of two cabinet ministers in the activities intended to hush up the rape and murder case of Asifa. The most shocking aspect is that lawyers (who the society entrusts with the job to help find truth and facilitate the justice done) obstructed the filing of charge sheet. While demanding Asifa case to be transferred to CBI the lawyers expressed distrust in Kashmiri officers of Crime Branch which lends strength and confirmation to what Kashmiris believe that they are not being trusted. KVI Vice Chairman Irshad Malik said that the policy of killings, atrocities and indignities pursued by the government of India in Kashmir through its armed forces has encouraged the communal elements in Jammu who have adopted the policy of terrorising the Muslims. The most heinous act unleashed on Asifa was intend to harass and drive away the Nomadic Muslim Bakerwal Community from Kuthua District. While narrating the sequence of events KVI secretary Javid Kakroo said that a group of Hindu Goons did not even allow the body of Asifa to be buried in the local grave yard and the family had to travel seven miles to a different place for her burial. The religious fanaticism displayed in their behavior by these communal elements has threatened the peace and harmony of the region. Javid Kakroo further said that the acceptance of the resignation of the two cabinet ministers is being delayed although their removal from the cabinet is not enough and their participation in the rallies of communal political groups related to BJP warrants further action against them. He further said that both the state and central governments should ensure that the proceedings of the

case are speeded up. The delaying of justice would disappoint people and could be taken as denial of justice. It was lauded that the conscience of Indian nation awakened. The incident has shocked the whole country and protests are being held at various places. Prime Minister Modi has called the incident as shameful. Even the UN Chief has expressed the hope that the perpetrators of this brutal crime will be brought to justice. KVI members expressed grave concern over Asifa’s rape and murder and it was unanimously decided that a detailed document about Asifa’s rape and murder case will be prepared and sent to the British Foreign Office.

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Press reease about asifa's rape and murder  
Press reease about asifa's rape and murder