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Tech Snippet Raster graphics file formats

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Graphics Interchange Format

Portable Network Graphics

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Proprietary Compuserve

Proprietary JPEG

Open Format

Proprietary Adobe

Lossless compression

Lossy compression

Lossless compression

Lossless compression

- Bit  colors max

- Bit per channel

- Bit per channel

- Bit per channel

one color transparency

no alpha layer

alpha layer

multiple layers

web use animation

web use compression

web use transparency

general use versatility


Burón, Javier. Lasso Lamp. 





Png with alpha

Tif multilayered


Tif multilayered

Shadows & reflections

Tif multilayered

Z-depth channel

Tif multilayered

Depth of field eect

Tech Snippet Resolution

Pixel (picture element) Is the smallest element in a graphic image; it is an abstract element without an specific shape or scale.

FOA. Virtual House. 

158 123 000

R 157 G 129 B 000

R 155 G 138 B 000

R 151 G 137 B 000

R 142 G 118 B 000

R 11 G 08 B 00

147 173 000

R 138 G 114 B 000

R 144 G 129 B 000

R 134 G 121 B 000

R 122 G 099 B 000

R 11 G 08 B 00

104 072 000

R 100 G 078 B 000

R 100 G 079 B 000

R 087 G 065 B 000

R 082 G 058 B 000

R 11 G 1 B 00

066 034 004

R 058 G 036 B 000

R 045 G 030 B 000

R 037 G 027 B 000

R 041 G 030 B 004

R 11 G 08 B 00

Pixels per inch ppi Is the measure of image resolution. î‚ťe number of pixel per linear inch. It establishes the physical scale of an image.

Dots per inch dpi Is the measure of printing resolution. î‚ťe number of ink dots per linear inch. It is dependant of the printing technology

Computer Screens 72ppi–150ppi Desktop printing 150ppi–300ppi Press printing 90ppi–300ppi

Tech Snippet Color depth

Color depth Is the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel in a image. e maximun number of dierent colors that an image can have

-bit color (¹ =  colors) monochrome

-bit color (⁸ =  colors) gray scale

-bit color (²⁴ = ,, colors) truecolor

-bit color -bit floating point data High Dynamic Range Images

High Dynamic Range Images Low Exposure

High Dynamic Range Images Medium Exposure

High Dynamic Range Images High Exposure

Channels Is a layer of an image that stores each color component or transparency information





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