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what is justone?

is a fundraising site. Yes. But please wait, don’t go!. We don’t sell anything. We’re not a company and this is not a joke. We just truly want to help the ones in need. ®

The main idea is simple: if you want, you can help people with just one euro/dollar a year.

the core idea

Imagine for a moment, that every single person in a small village, let’s say 10000 inhabitants, give just one dollar to feed starving children. That will be 10000$. Ok. Now imagine, a big city. then a cosmopolitan urbe. What about a whole country?. Woaw!!.

im pos si ble!!

u idding are yo k’re joking, how?

this t u o g n i */ go W!

O **ii’tm s e GHT N RI

You are just the one who choose whether to feed, to give medicines, or to build a water plant. The more ones to participate, the more options.



t r anspar en t

The more you contribute a year, the more chances to win from cinema tickets to even a car or a house!. Choose your payment gateway and share your donation. You will see real-time results, details on web handling cost, money account/transfer fees, travel expenses to designated areas to prove that, money, goes to the right ones.


Hi Individual or Team. I have no experience in UI/UX or business launch. I guess there may be dozens of similar sites ( What i intend is to engage people by giving them prizes (from small to big ones), because it seems it is the only way (a lot of) people act. Having something in return. The interface will be amazingly simple, with real data: money pledged by country, advertising costs, prize testimonials, what is the percentage pledged for every coin (rest is for prizes, etc). Of course, branding & assets could be improved. Like a lottery where you can win (let’s say a car) if you give justone $/year. You choose, you give, you win. Launch may be an agressive massmedia campaign. A 5 year old girl going to school by bus and a 5 y/o girl with no bus, no school, no clothes... Thank you.

Testing justone 2014  

App design to pledge money while getting prizes.

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