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06 March 2010

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(Ps Jacques Venter)

From Us 1

I tell the truth in Christ, I am not lying, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Spirit, 2 that I have great sorrow and continual grief in my heart. 3 For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my countrymen[a] according to the flesh, Romans 9:1-3

This week, especially Monday and Tuesday I had to force myself to take it easy and go to bed early. The signs have been there for a while now and my body has been telling me I need to slow down. I am sure that I am not the only one who felt like this. However what was I so busy with, that my body has been dying for some rest? The Lords work is the answer and yet isn’t that a good thing? Well maybe not. Just think about it. How often have you been so busy with the Lords work, yet at the same time you had no time for the Lord whose work you are doing? When I look at Paul and what he has achieved I always find it so interesting that he wrote some of his most powerful and inspirational work while being in prison in Rome. One such powerful passage is the one quoted above from Romans 9:1-3. Read it again before you read the next sentence...Paul is saying that I wish that I was eternally lost, accursed from Christ, blot out of the book of life so that others might be eternally saved. Now I don’t know about you but this selflessness that is shown here by Paul is difficult for me to understand. I don’t think that I posses that. I would like to think that I would be willing to be the one that pushes you out of the path of the truck or car, but with the knowledge that my eternal salvation is secure. But here Paul is taking it a step further and that is a real challenge to us. Maybe when we spent more time with God (even if we need to be forced by natural reactions in our bodies to shut down) this kind of selflessness will become natural to us. Maybe this is what the world and our communities so desperately need, FROM US.

Sabbath School 10.00 am. Group study commences 1 class in Sanctuary and down starts 10.45 am. First Bell – prayer time 10.55 am. Second Bell – prayer ends Refreshments downstairs 11.10 am. Move to sanctuary 11.15 am. Worship Service

Worship Service Welcome Praise Time Prayer Scripture Reading Offertory & Prayer Children’s Story Special item Sermon Closing Hymn Benediction

Announcements Services We would like to welcome Andrew Willis who will bring us the message today. Prayer Matters If you have a particular request that you would like others to pray with you about, please contact Joyce Redfern on 01727 822243, or send your request to . Also, see Joyce if you would like to be a prayer partner. Fire Precautions We intend to get a proper fire alarm, but until we do, we have a loud air horn. If you hear this, (it may be a fire drill or it may be an actual fire) please vacate the building quickly, by the nearest fire exit, and assemble in the TED car park.

Table Tennis Table Tennis tournament on Sunday 14th March in The Life Development Centre @ 10.30am. Fellowship Lunch Please take note that the next fellowship lunch is on the 6 th of March 2010. Please bring a savoury and / or sweet dish. Deacon / Deaconess Meeting Will the deacons and deaconesses please meet at 2.15p.m on the 6 th of March upstairs in the church following the shared lunch. Social Event Everyone is welcome to join in the fun of a great social evening on March 13 at 6:30pm in the LIFEdevelopment centre down stairs. For more information please contact Viera.


HOW TO START A USER-FRIENDLY SERVICE 1. Specialise. Know who your target audience is and go for them, because you cannot appeal to everyone. For instance if you target university students you might also attract other groups, for instance young professionals, but you probably won't reach most 50-somethings or teenage mothers. 2. Don't try to target two groups at once. For instance, if you try to reach seniors and teens with 50% contemporary, then about 50% or your audience will hate it at any given time. It's easier to start a whole new meeting than try to adapt a traditional one 3. Be unselfish. Don't do what you want, do what they want. 4. Minimise the bureaucracy involved. Elect leaders and let them lead with minimal politics and committee meetings. You may need your pastor and church board on side first. 5. Don't expect it to pay for itself. No firm makes money from advertising. 6. Expect criticism and fatigue. Get together often for an encouraging chat (don't spend all the time complaining!) and pray often as a group and as individuals. Sometimes go out just for fun and relaxation together.

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