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Whether you are a new blogger, or one that has been blogging for a while, you are probably wondering how to get more sales, visitors, and readers to your blog on a weekly basis. Marketing your blog the right way will give you the results that you are looking for. You are going to find that you can not just make a blog, post in it a couple of times, and then expect for the world to find it. However, you can market your blog effectively, and get the results that you are looking for. Since we are talking about blog marketing I am going to assume that you already have a blog. The next step is to ensure that your blog is updated frequently. Post content to your blog regularly for the best results. Some will post once a day and others once a week. Whichever you choose just be consistent with it. Consistency will pay off in the long run. Remember that "content is king" when it comes to blog marketing. Marketing your blog is not all that hard to do. You have to be persistent and want success however if you want your blog to do well. You cannot just make a post and forget about it. Here are 5 ways to market your blog. Interviewing people for your blog is an excellent way to market it. Choose someone who already has a following and have them promote to their followers. Just be sure that the people that you interview pertain to the market of your blog. You want all of your posts to be relevant, including any interviews that you might do. For example, if your blog market was vacuum cleaners, and you did an interview with the owner of Hoover vacuum cleaner; that would definitely pertain to your market. Current events in your market make great posts. Everyone loves news, and even the readers of your blog will appreciate you blogging about the current events in your market. Something to keep in mind when blogging about the news is the more current the news, the better. No one wants to reread old news, so it is a great idea to try and stay as current as possible. Contests are another way that you effectively market your blog. Having contests on various things would be a lot of fun, and something that will keep your readers coming back. Everyone loves to win things, and you can also make the prize that you are giving away relevant to the market you are promoting on your blog. Add your blog address to your email signature line. How many times a day do you send out an email? How many times are your emails forwarded to others. This is probably one of the easiest ways to market your blog.

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to market your blog. Be sure to choose blogs that are related to your industry and when you sign the blog use your blog URL. Also make your comment as useful as possible. Marketing a blog comes naturally for some and can be a little harder to focus on for others. However, once you find a few methods that work for you just stick to them. Remember you don't have to do everything and you don't have to be perfect. Also remember that by doing any of these you are ahead of so many of your competitors. Blog marketing is not hard to do. Just be sure that you follow all of the proven and tried techniques that others are talking about and you wont go wrong. Just don't give up and keep on marketing because it will pay off sooner or later. Would you like to reprint this article for use in your blog or ezine? You may as long as you include this blurb in its entirety:

Michele Scism is a Business Strategist who specializes in teaching service professionals and business owners how to grow and expand their businesses using better marketing strategies and business success strategies designed to increase sales and profit. She publishes a bi-weekly ezine called Decisive Success Strategies which, along with her website, provides how-to articles and lots of free tips for business owners serious about creating a powerful marketing strategy for their business. Get your success strategies and free tips at

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==== ==== Learn more about blog marketing techniques & strategies. ==== ====

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