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“Technology and Heterogeneous Engineering: The Case of Portuguese Expansion” John Law

Javeria Masood. DGMT 748. Spring 2012. Prof. C.Miller.





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This is a dense read!

How do we make it more approachable?

Wish the story was told with the help of visual and tactile tools

Visual would help me understand this dense reading

The content is actually very interesting and not complex to understand but its written in a way that makes it a heavy read!

What if we make a 3d structure? Kind of like a museum exhibit‌.

Breaking the article into key take-aways and then starting to visualize the core ideas in the simplest way. First prototype was paper study models, a map and white-boarding.

We developed a 3d model with sections and designed it like you design an exhibition space, very intentional on which section comes after which yet keeping it lucid enough at the same time. It was a successful approach of story telling as the content of the article ,through this visual tool, can even be taken to kids.

Section 1. How we approached this assignment. A brief write-up about the core findings from the article. Also a glimpse of a wall with our sketches and quotes.

Section 2. The innovation of ships and sailing vessels.

Section 3. The innovation of navigation systems and tools. Also mentioned are some key triggers of innovations.

Section 4. The concept of Volta- the turn. Environmental influences.

Thank you!

Portuguese Expansion by John Law  

For a class we were to facilitae discussion through a presntation from a set of readings. This is our unique approach as it went from theore...

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