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newsletter Bi-annual Newsletter of Stichting Java Village Issue 1, 2008

Stichting Java Village is proud to present …itself! Stichting Java Village (SJV) has been an official foundation since May 2007, but we are very proud to say that we’ve been able to support villagers in West Java, Indonesia, since 2003.

In this issue • Even before 2003 Mies Grijns and Titi Setiawati, initiators of the foundation started to collect money for food, medicine and clothing after the crisis in 1998/1999. Read more….

We emphasise the word support because the villagers are very active in their ongoing efforts to improve several important issues in their village, like the education of small children and teenagers, water and health conditions.

• May 2007, the (foundation)

We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, but still we are eager to do so much more. In this first newsletter you’ll be able to read just a little

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SJV officially started, and this

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Read more:

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What we’ve done so far…

are preparing for this year.

The agenda for 2008 …

If you are as exited about this great cause as we are, you’re more

for 2008. The agenda for 2008:

Or visit our brand new website at

in part of our agenda for this year. Read more….

than welcome to join us. There’s



Stichting Java Village supports women, men and children in West-Java, Indonesia, in their efforts to improve their lives. We are a non-profit volunteer foundation based in the Netherlands.

Questions or comments? E-mail us at

To make a donation, use account number abn amro 40 92 10 757.

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What we’ve done so far Even before 2003 Mies Grijns and Titi Setiawati, initiators of the foundation started to collect money for food, medicine and clothing after the crisis in 1998/1999. The foundation has carefully chosen the fields on which to focus her support: education (village nurseries and primary schools), water and health. Children, teenagers and women are the first ones affected by problems in these fields. Therefore SJV stimulates their involvement in our projects. The number of supported activities between 2003 and 2007 is too big for this newsletter, but we’d like to present you the highlights.

School We’ve been able to present the village’s nurseries and primary schools with toys, writing utensils, fees, uniforms and several other materials that are needed to provide the children with a good education. In 2007 two classrooms were renovated and together with the school committee and parents a new hall annex library and a teachers office were built. Some 126 new tables and benches were supplied.

Health Two handicapped children and two adults received medicine and physiotherapy, transport to the hospital. Furthermore we’ve financed medical instruments for the midwives, like stethoscopes, medical books and baby supplies. We’ve invested in research into upgrading and cleaning the water supply for the whole village. A very big factor in improving the health situation.

Agenda for 2008 May 2007, the (foundation) SJV officially started, and this is what we have on the agenda for 2008. Here is a quick insight in part of our agenda for this year. Water Water is becoming a growing issue in the region of West Java. There used to be plenty, crystal clear mountain water until pollution set in. Upgrading the existing water system and training in sensible water management is our goal for this year. We’re very involved in preparing for this big project, which will be executed by an Indonesian foundation Yayasan Bumi Kita. The water sources far uphill will be protected and pipes will be installed to guarantee a steady supply of clean water. Houses will be connected to the local water mains. In each neighbourhood a water committee will handle maintenance and sanitation.

School We continue to support the schools in their renovation efforts. We also finance educational toys and musical instruments. The main focus for this year is to collect funds for a composting unit processing cow dung from local farms and waste from the tea factory. Teenagers – boys and girls - will have an opportunity to work here and earn their school fees to encourage more village children to attend secondary school.

Networking and fundraising To be able to finance all these wonderful projects obviously a lot of help and money is needed. We network to connect the villagers with the right organisations in Indonesia. Fundraising is a necessity. With the money SJV also wants to provide women with micro-credits, loans to help them set up their own business or boost existing enterprises. We are always searching for volunteers, people that are inspired to help villagers improve their quality of life. Has this newsletter inspired you, and are you willing to help us by networking, fundraising or in any other way? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are more than welcome to join us.

Newsletter Issue 1, 2008  

Bi-annual Newsletter of Stichting Java Village

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