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Starters -HARD ROCK NACHOS (Nachos with cheddar cheese)

- SMOKED CHICKEN WINGS (Smoked chicken wings served with different sauces)

-POTATO SKINS (Fried potato shells)

-CHICKEN TENDERS (Chicken tenders served with different sauces)

(This Hard Rock special combines vegetables with grilled chicken and shredded cheese)

-CAESAR SALAD (Salad served with vegetables,toasted bread,cheese,black olives,meat and roman sauce)

-PEAR SALAD (Spring mix served with goat cheese,bacon and sweet pear)

-SMOKED SALAD (A mixture of vegetables served with smoked chicken,cheddar cheese,bacon and vinagrette)



BACON CHEESEBURGER (Served with bacon, cheese, caramelized onion and Bar-B-Que sauce)

MIGAS (Dish made with flour, oil,water and salt; served with peppers, fish,sausage..)

CALLOS (Calf stomach served with sausages,beans and with a special sauce)

GAZPACHO (Cold-soup made of bread,oil,vinegar and vegetables)

cakes : 3€- 5€

-Frozen fruit: 2€-4€

.REFRESHMENTS: 1'50€ .WINES: 15€- 20€

DESSERTS -Ice creams: 1'50€- 4€


HRC Menu  

Its our menu of HRC