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That bond that will never leave my heart


Vol 2. Issue 1

High Rho:  Jorge  Uribe  ZE  732  

A message from the High Rho The Spring semester is well on its way and many dates are set! Ready, get set… GO!


High Pi

Meet our new High Pi and what he Alumni,

can bring to Zeta Epsilon

It has always been my great pleasure updating you all in what Zeta Epsilon has been up to. This semester we are gearing up to have an amazing semester with many things in the works such as: Chapter Meetings, more Iota Events, Associate Membership Ceremony, Poker Nights, Chillin’ with the Rho, Founders day Softball and BBQ, Philanthropies, Watermelon Bash, Brotherhood Retreat, and of course the biggest event of the Spring, our White Rose Formal. But as my last semester as an undergraduate my main focus is to get more alumni activity and set the Alumni Association which many of you have shown great interest in. Lets get ready for an awesome semester!

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Spring, 2011 White Rose Formal


Where, what, and why…!!!!!

Zeta Epsilon – The University of Texas at El Paso

You GOTTA save this DATE! This semester was planned well in advance to assure that we let

Quick Dates Kappa Session The first steps in the meaning of L.D.R.S.H.I.P. This is where we learn the TRUE meaning of BROTHERHOOD

Retreat Brotherhood Retreat is where we all come together and refocus and think about what it means to be a Lambda Chi. Set for Mar 4-6 at a place TBA. It looks to be one of our best yet!

Founder’s Day Remembering our  past  while  enjoy  our   future  on  March  20,  2011  

you know with plenty of time! Within the True Brotherhood initiative we want to strive to promote our permanence and true character for which we portray everyday as men of Lambda Chi Alpha as everyday we try to each our goal of True Brotherhood. Zeta Epsilon is hard at work not only for the active chapter but to re-connect with its alumni. As one of the most said mottos in Lambda Chi Alpha “It is not for Four Years, it is for life!” We hope that with these dates you are able to attend more meeting and events and rekindle that love of the eternal delta Here are the date for upcoming events: Feb 19 – Conclave (Denver, CO)

Here we  test  our  skills  and  see  TRULY   how  the  flame  of  Lambda  Chi  Alpha   helps  us  grow  and  work  together!  April   16,  2011    

Apr 16 – Brotherhood Day

Feb 20 – First Kappa Session

(Team Course)

M ar 4-6 – Brotherhood

Apr 23 – Soldiers Angels

M ar 20 – Founders Day Softball Game Mar 25 – M ovie night TBA

Brotherhood Day

Apr 9 – Watermelon Bash

M ar 27 – Bataan Death

Philanthropy M AY 5 – W HITE ROSE FORMAL M ay 14 – Commencement Jun 5 – Initiation Week Begins Jun 11- Ritual Exemplification

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Zeta Epsilon – The University of Texas at El Paso

Caesar Cubillos

Richard Gutierrez

The new High Pi: Caesar Cubillos & our new Faculty Advisor: Richard Gutierrez It is will great pleasure to introduce Brother Caesar

In addition to our new High Pi will also have a new

Cubillos Zeta Epsilon 631, our new High Pi.

faculty advisor. Richard Gutierrez will be acting as our

Brother Cubillos comes from a great background

new faculty advisor and has expressed his earnest

of history with Zeta Epsilon and is proud to be our

sincerity in being just that. Being at UTEP for about

new advisor. He plans to steer our chapter to

22 years now he is looking forward to keeping an eye

success and to provide us with prudence to

on our chapter. Mr. Gutierrez is a Political Science and

maintain and longevity of Lambda Chi Alpha here

American Government professor and takes great pride in

at The University of Texas at El Paso. “I am very

the work he does and what he can provide to the

proud to serve as the High Pi and I am looking

students at UTEP. He sees great potential in all students

forward to aiding Zeta Epsilon keeping the flame

and finds a great connection with Lambda Chi Alpha.

bright and our bond strong.” He is stead fast in

If you would like to contact him you can send him an

advise towards the chapter to help improve the

email at for any concerns you


may have.


Zeta Epsilon – The University of Texas at El Paso Fall 2010 Graduates: Neyri Acuña and Eddie O’hara Neyri Acuña Zeta Epsilon 767 graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management. During his time in Lambda Chi Alpha he has held the position of the High Beta and a position as a member in the Executive committee. Brother Acuña has contributed much to this chapter during his active years and is preparing himself for the future with interviews that are coming up for him, “ I think Lambda Chi Alpha has prepared me to become a well equipped member of society, in which I know I will be able to give back not just to the community but to the chapter as well” – Neyri Acuña. Joining him in the Alumni circle is none other than his little brother Edward O’hara Zeta Epsilon 780. Brother O’hara earned his degree in Business Administration and Finance and graduated Cum Laude. He is now attending Texas A&M to earn his master degree, “ I have said it before and I will say it again, Lambda Chi Alpha is the best decision I have ever made and I will always be thankful for my brothers and wear my letters

Neyri Acuña  &  Eddie  O’hara   Two  fraternity  brothers.  The  cool  thing   about  them  is  that  they  are  Big  Bro   and  Little  Bro!  Having  done  much  for   Lambda  Chi  Alpha  they  are  ready  to  go   out  to  the  work  force  and  begin  their   lives  are  contributing  members  of   society.    

with pride.” – Edward O’hara. Both of these brothers have done much for Zeta Epsilon and the chapter is very grateful for all of their contributions.

22nd Annual Bataan Death March Many alumni and actives are in the armed forces and the brothers have decided to take part in the Bataan Death March in which, “honors those of the heroic service member who defended the Philippine Islands during World War II, sacrificing their freedom, health and in many cases their very

Trying to  give  back…     What  better  way  to  give  back  then  to  

lives.” ( We have put together two teams to

honor those  that  are  fighting  for  our  

represent Lambda Chi Alpha and are looking into getting shirts and

freedom right  now  and  in  the  past.  

sponsorships for the registration and the army boots in which we have to run

The Brothers  are  looking  forward  to  

in. If you would like to contribute please contact the High Rho

this event  to  be  held  March  27,  2011  

( or the High Theta (

at White  Sands  Missile  Range.  Donate  

Help us get our name out there and support our heroes.

or come  show  your  support!      

Zeta Epsilon – The University of Texas at El Paso

White Rose Formal The time is near and we are excited to announce our White Rose Formal date. The White Rose Formal will be held at the Wyndham Airport Hotel on May 5, 2011. Here we get to come together for the brotherhood and bask in the successes of the previous year, to meet Alumni that come from all over and tell us their stories from their days in Lambda Chi Alpha and reinforce the great bond of our brotherhood. This formal is being prepared by Brother Adam Setra ( and he can be reached by email (just click on his name) if you have any questions regarding this event. The price for an Alumni and his date will be $100.00 (includes two dinners) and tickets will be going on sale soon. If you have a question, comments or concern, as stated above you can contact Brother Setra or the High Rho. In addition to the dinner we will be presenting the new High Zeta for the 2011 – 2012 year and awards for the previous year. Also Brother Setra is looking for a keynote speaker, so if you would like to take part in that please contact the High Rho to submit a brief statement on what you would like to present. We hope all of you will be able to make and just as a reminder the formal is to be held on May 5, 2011 and more details will be made available soon.

As a reminder so that you can be kept up to date, if you have not done so yet please sign up to our contact list (powered by MailChimp). This is to ensure you are updated on all the dates coming up! And please spread the word to other alumni you may know. (Link is on last page)

Wyndham 2027 Airway Blvd. El Paso TX 79925 M ay 5, 2011 7.00p Price: 100

A memorable  experience  to  reunite  with  all  of   Zeta  Epsilon  past  and  present  –  matthew  

mcdorman, ze  773  

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Office of the High Rho My last semester, many opportunities, a bond that will never leave my heart

Jorge Uribe

These newsletters are for all

had some push from Lambda Chi

alumni within the bond and want

Alpha, which can only strengthen

to see Zeta Epsilon succeed. My

our ability to succeed in life. This

goal this semester is to try and

bond we hold near and dear in

reignite the flame within all of the

our hearts facilitate the men of

alumni and provide a foundation

character we become within this

for communication that has been

fraternity and keep growing

lost over the years. We all have

constantly before our eyes.

“From the outside looking in you can never understand it. From the inside looking out you can never explain it." - Anonymous

High Rho

Jorge Uribe PMB 307 W. University El Paso, TX 79968

Comments, Questions, Concerns email: phone: 915.355.9226 skype: uribe.jorge twitter: @jauribe facebook: chapter website: facebook alumni group:


alumni contact form:

February Newsletter  

What is Zeta Epsilon up to and dates for the rest of the semester.

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