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I dedicate this book to my mother and my sister. The women who embodies all the qualities of the Noisafiennes. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. You are my inspiration and my motivation for improving myself on all dimensions in life. Mummy you are a living angel sent from above. Thank you for believing in me. My gratitude and love for you goes beyond words. You the person who has inspired me, helped me, and guided me through my life the most. And for that I thank you.

In an open exhibition at a gallery in ShuHan, I came ever so close to spiritual mesmerism. Much has been written about beauty and unwavering belief but nothing has brought impact to my inner soul as greatly as did the materials on display. This exhibition was about a lost island in the China Wolong Sea. There were displays of photos, paintings, art effects and manuscripts said to be found by a General when he arrived at this island called NOISAF only to find the entire community vanished, without a trace . I spent hours lingering among the exhibits, toiled between seeing beauty in the eyes of the Noisafiennes and pain of wanting to know what has happened to this community of special people. After tracking down General Sidan and obtaining the gallery’s permission to the art effects, I have decided to reproduce the mental images of and reflections brought to me by the NOISAF tribe, in the form of this book. This book is part journal, part scientific analysis and part poetry. Written materials were mainly in Chinese. Translating such parts into English might cause confusion to the Western mind-set, as there are underlying dissimilarities in the oriental way. For this reason, I not only translated the materials on hand, but also the entirety of the book. Interpretations of the photo evidences, art effects and written materials are collective impressions of mine, as well as in the eyes of artist groups, which have studied the materials. Short poetic captions are feelings and emotions that induced me. A brief background was pieced together subsequent to my interview with the kind General, who has untiringly studied the materials with historians, anthropologists and artists. The time line is here-below re-constructed:

在蜀漢的一個開放展覽的畫廊,我是如此接近精神的被催眠了。不小寫到有關 美和堅定的信念,但並沒有如此影響到我內心心靈的钜大震撼。

這個展覽是關於在中國臥龍海失去了的一個小島。從照片,繪畫,藝術效果和 手稿顯示發現的這個小島稱耐蕯島。我花了幾個小時纏綿在展品中,看到在耐 蕯人眼中之美, 和痛苦的想知道這個社會的特殊人群發生了什麼事。

經過追踪斯丹將軍,得到他和畫廊的授權,我決定反思精神給我帶來的耐蕯部落 重現的圖像,構成這本書。 這本書為部分紀錄,部分科學分析和部分詩歌的結果。信札材料主要為中文, 只 有翻譯成英文。這些稿件可能會造成混亂,是因為西方的思維和東方的基礎不 同。出於這個原因,筆者不僅翻譯了手稿,而且翻譯了書的全部。

詮釋的照片證據,藝術效果和書面材料都是集體展示了作者本身,以及在藝術 家團體眼中的推断。短詩和標題是作者情感和情緒引起的共鸣。

一個簡短的背景是斯丹將軍拼湊起來的,他和歷史學家,人類學家和藝術家不 懈的研究,並提出了以下的時間線。

50AD - unknown

Descendents of ancient Mooniaa ruled in Isle of NOISAF, detached and isolated from the mainland. Rumours had it that a beautiful township existed along the epic Hagsovol coast, made up of believed-to-be indigenous females, famed for their sacred rituals and unusual doctrine celebrating the sexuality of women.


Captivated by the mystic hearsay, General Sidan and his platoon of outstanding sailors, attempted to visit the isle of NOISAF. Just when Hagsovol port was in sight, the weather at sea turned monstrous. General Spico witnessed what was said to be treacherous waters protecting the little island. Save for a handful, all 200 plus sailors on board were swallowed by the angry water.


Determined, General Sidan headed out to Isle of NOISAF with state-of-the-art warships and his well-trained naval officers. Fully prepared but not without apprehension, General Sidan expected no less than to be greeted by the unyielding Noisafiennes. That is, should they manage to land.


Having searched the entire island and without a stone unturned, General Sidan and his men resigned in awe. The whole tribe of NOISAF, of which so much was heard of but little known, disappeared. Yet not entirely. General Sidan, now frail and suffering from tormenting illnesses, disclosed, during an interview, that he has kept in his possession something evidenced the mysterious NOISAF tribe. He has held this treasure close to his heart for the past 31 years. Ironically, he also believed that this possession brought him ill fate and his physical suffering.


古无尼亚后裔在耐蕯島,和大陸隔絕。謠言說這一個美麗的鄉 鎮耐蕯存在史詩升沿海岸,相信土著女性,有著著名的神聖儀 式和慶祝性異常主義的婦女。


神秘傳聞著迷的斯丹將軍和他的優秀船員,試圖訪島。就在生 豬港在望,天氣轉怪。謠言中一般料到說什麼的奸詐水域保護 小島。除極少數,所有水手被憤怒的海吞噬了。


決心,斯丹將軍與其國家最先進的軍艦和他訓練有素的海軍軍 官。充分的準備,但並非沒有顧慮,一般預期被迎面而來的是 不屈的耐蕯。

兩零 三二年

經搜查了整個島嶼,想盡一切辦法,斯丹將軍和他的部下发现 整個耐蕯部落,聽到這麼多但卻鮮為人知, 消失了。 然而,不完全。斯丹將軍現在年老體弱,被受疾病的折磨,他 在去年接受記者採訪時披露說,他一直保存了些耐蕯神秘部落 的東西,就是蜀漢的那個畫廊展的照片,繪畫,藝術效果和手 稿了。他在過去31年讓此過去貼近他的心。諷刺的是,他還 認為,這使他擁有虐待他的命運和他身體的痛苦。

Faraway. Through the clouds. Land of undulating hills.

There is quiet silence. Whispers in the wind. Of a secret kingdom.

遠景。透過雲層。土地起伏的丘陵。 有安靜的沉默。在風中低語。一個秘密王國。

The land wakes up in living colour.

It tells of a paradise that once was – a tapestry of rich greens, browns and blues.

土地喚醒生活的色彩。 它講述了一個天堂, 曾經是一個豐富綠色, 棕色和藍色。

Ancient secret of life. Hidden through time.

Sacred places. Songs of the sea.

古代的秘密生活。隱藏的通過時間。 神聖的地方。海洋的歌。

Like clouds. It exists in infinite shapes and forms.

There, and yet... not...

如雲。它存在於無限的形狀和形式。 在那裡,卻又...不...

Children of Colour

By the purportedly angry sea surrounding the island, reasonable guess is that stormy weathers must have frequented the island. Maybe torrents of rain, thunderstorm, destructive whirlwind and lightning. The collection of photos display immensity of colours, especially bright colours.

據稱海島四周被憤怒的海保護,合理的 猜測是,耐蕯島一定是個有風雨光顧的 島嶼。可能是雷暴,破壞性旋風和閃 電。收集的照片顯示的廣袤的顏色,尤 其是鮮豔的色彩。

What look like uniforms, an attire, when in white colour, attemps to promote discipline and purity, would have been considered a gesture of suppression by Noisafienne mothers. Noisafienne mothers encouraged brightness, an all out honest expression of a youngster’s heart. Red and orange and yellow, unsuppressed flow of genuine emotions: love, warmth, comfort, intensity; maybe even anger and hostility.

耐蕯有什麼樣子的兒童制服,不是傳統 的白色。耐蕯母親鼓勵光亮度,全誠表 達出一顆年輕的心。紅,橙,黃,解除 壓縮,流真正的情感:愛,溫暖,舒適, 強度; 可能甚至憤怒和敵意。當鮮豔的 色彩通常被認為是充滿活力的色彩, 印象感情激動,熱情和溫暖,色彩也有 不同的含義在不同的文化。在耐蕯的文 化,它無疑是積極性的。

While bright colours are generally considered energetic colours, calling to mind feelings of excitement; enthusiasm and warmth, colours also have different meanings in different cultures. In the Noisafienne culture, it is no doubt one of positiveness.

On a letter found amongst the papers, it writes: “After 3 months’ trial making with different fabrics, they are finally ready with the Noisafling’s (apparently fondful reference to the little Noisafiennes) uniforms of the new season. Everyone is excited. The result if not only satisfactory, the spirit of our tribe leaps out from these uniforms! Children should be full of colours, beginning of life full of hope. Bright colours fill the young hearts with energy, defying dark weathers and unavoidable adversities of life. I am fully in agreement with Peg on her opinion that using white to symbolise the purity of children will be redundant. A child does not need to dress in purity, she herself is. The usual blue and grey, too serious. Plain colours, too boring. Circles in the fabric represent plentiful abundances, stripes rainbows of wealth - bringing to our NOISAF children love, warmth and comfort. Even if there is tints of darkness representing anger or antagonism, it is still healthy. It cannot be wrong.”

“經過三個多月的相討試製,新一季的 幼兒制服終達成共識。大家都感雀躍。 效果不只理想,我族的精神盡在這些繽 紛的制服顯現出來。

小孩應該是彩色滿寫的,生命的開始是 應該充滿希望的。鮮豔的顏色為小小的 心靈添上活力,能抗衡陰狸的天氣及人 生無從躲避的不如意時刻。 我十分贊同碧的建議不用白色,純潔不 需要穿在身上,小孩本身已經是純潔的 代表了。藍藍灰灰,太嚴肅了。單一顏 色太單調了。 圓圈表達我們心中的豐盛,彩條是我們 雨後天虹般的富足。我們耐蕯小孩帶來 愛心, 溫暖, 舒適感之間夾雜一時的憤怒 或敵意,也是健康的,錯不了的。”

Girl child of NOISAF. Dressed in colours of the earth. To celebrate their birth. Embody their spirits.

耐蕯的女童。 身著色彩的地球。 為了慶祝自己的誕生。 他們的精神體現。

One big family. Expressing. In joyful glee.

一個大家庭。 表示, 在歡樂的喜悅。

With vitality and spirit. Whether launching off in the NOISAF race...

有了活力和精神。 無論是推出過在耐蕯的比賽...

Or racing to the finish line...


Girl power. Together, times four. Four is the magic number. Double pairs.

女孩力量。一起,乘四。 四是神奇的數字。雙對。

After examining hundreds of children photos, I noticed that despite of their different sizes and forms, NOISAF children appear to have only 4 identical facial features. How amazing - the “four” element: the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn & winter), the four directions (east, south, west & north), the four aspects of life (birth, age, sickness & death), the four aspects of subsistence (clothing, eating, sheltering & transporting)... By imagination, they grew up to be the 4 similar sets of adults, thereby, the four clans.

經研究數百兒童的照片,我注意到,儘 管他們的不同大小和形式,耐蕯的孩子 似乎只有四個一致的面部特徵。多麼驚 人 -“四”的元素有:四季(春,夏, 秋, 冬),四個方向(東,南,西, 北, 人生四階段(生,老,病, 死 ), 生活四 方面(衣, 吃, 住, 行 ) ....通 過 想 像 , 他 們 長 大 後 成 為 類 似 設 置 的四 個 成年人,因此,四個氏族。

These are fabric swatches recovered from the island. Each fabric is set to represents certain essence of life. The remnants of fabric swatches, though all colourful, appear to be down voted by the bright red, orange and yellow.

有布樣收回該島。每個結構設置為代 表的某些本質的活。殘餘的布樣,但 所有色彩艷麗,似乎是下表決通過的 鮮紅色,橙色和黃色。

Fire of Passion 火的激情

Stripes of Royal 條紋皇家

Circles of Eternity 界的永恆

Plentiful Abundance 豐富豐度

Tapestry of colours. To brighten moods. For positive vibes. A bright and vibrant tribe.

掛毯的顏色。 為了照亮心情。 對於積極的共鳴。 明亮和充滿活力的部落。

Architecture and Innovation

From the bountiful of manuscripts, Noisafiennes appear to be resolute in quality of life. No commonplace or facts of life was left to the ordinary. Be it residential or commercial constructions, great efforts were put in to make them unusual and picturesque. Although no documentary evidence was found as to the formula or methods by which the roof tiles and wall decors were made, there are frequent reference made to “cimarec”, apparently a technique those Noisafienne women tirelessly sought to improve to create new and special patterns. A small segment of literature implies that the siliceous concretion found in the culms of the bamboo stem was a miraculous catalysis.

從豐富的手稿,耐蕯似乎是堅決的生活 質量。沒有共同生活的地方留給普通 的。無論是住宅或商業建設,投入巨大 的努力,使它們不尋常,如詩如畫。雖 然沒有書面證據,或公式,或方法,屋頂 和牆面瓷磚花色’CIMAREC”,經常 提到,顯然是一種技術耐蕯婦女不懈尋 求改善,以創造新的和特殊的色彩。一 小部文稿意味著矽質結核中發現的竹稈 莖是一個神奇的催化作用。

Much attention was given when an “out-of-the-world” pattern was procured. It was even a cause of celebration. An invitation notice discloses:

許多注意了, 當一個“外的的世界”的 格局被採購。這是一項事業, 甚至慶 祝。公告披露的邀請:

“Your are cordially invited to a Cimarec party to be held on 04 Apr., 1999 in Tharuatser, 39 North Safi Road, organised in honour of Ms. E. Eihpos for her achievement in pattern no. 256 cimarec. Allets, Chairman, Federation of Cimarec Artists 24 Mar., 1999”

“訂於一九九九年四月四日為慶愛譜 絲,成功研製256 陶瓷. 假座北沙菲路 三十九號他努亞沙舉行祝捷酒會 敬請光臨。 陶瓷 藝術家協會 主席 艾曆施敬約”

Vivid descriptions prompted the writer to present these richly decorated buildings in the form of pop-up art. Although believed to hardly bear resemblance to the true creation, it is the artist’s tribute to genuine power of talent.

生動的描述促使作者對這些裝飾華麗 的建築形式,用POP-UP的藝術顯示出 來。 雖然難以有相似的真實,它是作者的讚 揚創造人才。

A NOISAF Food Silo. A sign of Wealth and Prosperity. Guarded by the Great Spirit of NOISAF.

耐蕯食品筒倉。一個符號的財富和繁榮。 守衛耐蕯精神。

Inner Sanctum. Tree of Life. Tribal Homes.

內聖所。生命之樹。 部落家園。

Bread for the soul. A place to re-fuel. Sustenance for mind and body.

麵包靈魂。 一個地方重新燃料。 對身心的寄託。

Flowers of the earth. Thousands of species. In full glory and colours. Its beauty, fragrance and nectar. Permeates the air.

花的大地。成千上萬種。在盛開和顏色。 它的美,香味和花蜜。 瀰漫在空氣中。

The Four Clans

By no means should the NOISAF community be seen as just one fun loving and free spirited character, it appears to be most sophisticated in its social structure. From descriptive remarks coupled with fashion styles depicted by the photos, there can be identified four major sectors of power distribution, each performing interrelated, though exclusively independent functions: Clan Mui takes after the flower cherry blossom, “mui” in the Chinese language. At the same time cherry blossom symbolises the ephemeral nature of life, it represents endurance and vigour. Members of the chosen court were responsible for supreme governance. Delegating respective authority to other “classes” or counsels, Clasn Mui is the law-making body, possibly corresponding to the Parliament in Great Britain. Amidst the materials are 2 photos signed Counsellor Hoong and Counsellor Huug. As lifeless as a photo might be, these achieving Noisafiennes glowed with authoritativeness and intelligence. Life may be short in relativity to the universe, like cherry blossom, when it blooms, it captivates.

耐蕯決不應該被看作只是一個有趣的,愛好自由奔放的社會性格。耐蕯似乎是有 其最先進的社會結構。從描述性的言論加上時尚風格描繪的照片, 可以確定的是 有四大部門權力分配, 有相互關聯的, 但完全獨立的功能:

梅氏族,‘梅’在中國的語言,代表著生命的短暫性,但代表的耐力和活力。大家 所選擇的法院是最高法院負責治理。梅氏族是立法機構, 可能相應在英國的國 會,從兩張有簽署參贊和洪參贊的照片,可能是無生命的照片,但閃著權威性和智 慧。生命在宇宙是可以相對短的,就像梅花, 盛開時,它著迷。

Upright. Hard as nails. Potent. Well built.

直立。 硬如釘。 強大的。身體結實。

Formidable. Firm in spirit.

厲害。 堅定的精神。

Counsellor Huug, on one of her hand-written notes, possibly a draft speech intended to answer to queries raised on Noisafism or as supplementary notes to the Noisafienne manifesto: 1.

Our belief is not one of feminism, which in conventional terms, advocates to overthrow the biology-is-destiny theory. We happen to be the chosen ones capable of producing similar populations of genetically similar individuals asexually.


We do not endorse the account which feminism developed, of a patriarchal culture assuming that masculine and feminine genders would inevitably be built, by culture, upon ‘male’ &’female’ bodies, making the respective destiny inescapable.


We embrace other theories recognising that gender is a relation among socially constituted subjects in specifiable contexts.


Being the chosen ones, we need not indulge in constant struggle relating to the controversial issue of gender powering.

5. Female power will be achieved simply by providing support to each other. 6.

We believe recognition of woman rights equal to those possessed by man is achievable not by claims but by subtle manipulation.


Regular meetings should be intervened via Internet or physical gathering. Subjects discussed should be confined to subjects of intelligence enhancement.


Every member must make her best efforts to be updated, be it in relation to the political scene; to the financial environment; to information technology; to the sports arena; to culinary appreciation; to arts & culture and with equal importance, to the latest fashion trends.


Our movement can be seen as a neo feminism or a revolutionary feminism.

各位姐妹,晚上好,投射開始之前,我想趁此機會重溫一下我耐蕯族的信念、 理想。我感到你們之中,尤其是一小撮的耐蕯青年,心中可能有一些疑團:到 底耐蕯主義是甚麼一回事呢?我們的理想是否背經離道呢? 1.

首先,我們的信念跟主流的所謂【婦解】有所不同。女權運動主張推 翻【生理即命運】的理論。我們並沒刻意的去改變生理的賦予,亦不 必。我們只是獨特的,單憑天賦的構造,環境的特異因素,以一已之 身,我們已經可以孕育下一代。


我們也不認同婦解主義的解釋:始於父系社會,男女的性別由於社 會、文化的關係,及建於【男性】或【女性】的軀體上,至令命運變 得沒法逃避。


我們懷抱其他理論,主張性別及社會物體,跟其環境相應互承的關係 得出的結果。






我們女性要獲得成功,不是單靠從社會賦予男性的地位中搶奪過來, 而是要靠不經意的使喚。


保持緊密連繫是重要的一環,不管是網上互聯或是團社相約的參與。 主題應保持以增長智慧為最終目標。


耐蕯人應倡盡努力自我增值,與時並進。不管是政治議題、金融、經 濟、資訊、體育、美食、文化、藝術、以及時尚趨勢的認識,都不可 或缺。


若要標籤運動。我們的可算是 新婦解主義或革命性婦解主義 。


Clan Lan adopted its name from a flower belonging to the vast orchid family. It symbolises love, luxury, beauty, strength and vitality. Lan members are responsible for the softer sides of the social function division. Presumably they provide guidance to the areas of childcare, education, recreation and welfare. This group keenly tended to the upbringing of young children, ensuring that the foundation of growth is on healthy and righteous ground. Many members of this society attributed to reproduce next generations asexually. Records show that many “gold belt” holders were Clan Lan members. At every set interval, there were 4 Noisafiennes being voted to go into the Black Pond. They were usually women of vast beauty, both in their physical form as well as in their inner beauty of character. Noisafiennes praised inner beauty in more than one way.

蘭氏族在花屬於廣大蘭花系列蘭科。它 象愛情,奢華,美麗,力量和活力。蘭成員 負責軟性的社會功能。據推測他們提供 指導幼兒方面的,教育, 娛樂和福利。 這組的負責傾向於對幼兒的成長,確保 經濟增長的基礎是健康的和正義的。許 多委員對這個社會歸因重現下一代。 許多“金黃腰帶”持有人是蘭成員。在 一個設定的時間間隔,有四個耐蕯入被 投進入黑池。他們通常是廣大愛美女 性,無論是在他們的身體形態,以及在 其內在美的性格。稱讚內在美的方式不 止一種 。

The golden belt. Bestowed on NOISAF families of good repute. In recognition of their contributions and good deeds. Passed on through generations.

金黃腰帶。賦予耐蕯家庭的良好聲譽。 為了表彰他們的貢獻和善行。世代傳遞。

Below are 2 of the numerous manuscripts, they could have been from the same Noisafienne, judging from the handwriting and the writing style, described what honour it must have been for the 4 Noisafiennes to be selected to the holy duty of conception.

下面是兩個眾多手稿,他們本來可以從 同一耐蕯人,判斷從手工書寫和寫作風 格,描述了榮譽,必須已為耐蕯人被選 中的神聖職責的觀念。

“This morning was the most honourable day of my life. Not only did I receive from the university board chairwoman my Certificate of Honour, I received from Minister of Clan Guk the ‘Golden Belt’. That means I was chosen to carry out the important task of reproducing for our tribe. I must be strong, both physically and intellectually, and be prepared to fulfil my duty to the fullest. Mother always said: external beauty does not last forever, inner beauty, ultimately of which, is to carry on the blessings endowed upon our tribe. I CAN DO IT.”

“今早是我一生中感到最光 榮的日子。不單只從校監手上接過畢業 榮耀狀,更從菊派部長手上接過“金黃 腰帶”。那就是表示我被選中了去肩負 傳終接代的神聖任務。我必須加倍努 力,保持心智高尚,務求培育出更出色 的下一代。媽媽總是說:外表的漂亮不 是永恆的,為耐蕯族延續福祉是我族每 一個人的使命。我會做得到的。”

“Tonight is my big night! Mother and granny would not say much. They said I must experience it first hand. It will be an experience not describable by words. It is a torture, this waiting! Mother has prepared for me this black robe, made of the finest cotton. It is folded and quietly placed on my bed. The black lace face veil is lying next. Don’t let me forget the ‘Golden Belt’. I re-polish it well. I must not spoil the name of our Clan Lan. It is spoken that the ceremony alone lasts for 4 hours. What else besides bible recital, chanting and the usual rituals? It is also expected to be a really long journey before arriving at the ‘Black Pond’. The water in the pond is black. How can water be black in colour? I can hardly wait.”

“今天晚上,我的大日子將來 臨。媽媽,婆婆總是不肯說出來。說要 我親身經歷,享受。那是一個非言語或 筆墨可形容的。我真感到這等特的煎熬 呢。 媽媽為我數月前縫製的精棉黑袍已安靜 地折好放在床上,黑色面紗掛在一旁。 別讓我忘記“金黃腰帶”,要擦亮點。 我不能敗了我們 蘭派的名譽啊!相傳禮 儀典禮會有四個小時之久。不知頌經、 念咒以外還有甚麼呢?又說走到“黑 池”的路途十分遙遠,黑池的水怎麼可 能是黑色的呢?真等不及了!”

After an evening of meticulous rituals of cleansing and purification, usually led by the chieftain of the Clan Guk (Chrysanthemum in Chinese), the 4 ladies would travel a rather long journey into the deep of the woods. Their hearts filled with excitement and yearning. Going into the black water of the pond gave a feeling of returning to the womb of their own mothers.

經過一個精心清洗和淨化的儀式,通常由 菊氏族頭目帶領,四個女士前往一個相當 漫長的旅途進深的樹林。他們的心中充 滿了興奮和嚮往,她投入黑水的池塘給予 了回到自己母親的子宮的感覺。

Clan Guk was the overseer of justice and honestly. Chrysanthemum, the flower, was originated from China and brought to Europe in the 17th century. The name is composed of, the first part, in the Greek language, meaning “golden”. Although it meant to describe the colour of the original chrysanthemum, “golden” carries a connotation of righteousness and ultimate ethical value. Who else would be more appropriate to carry out judicial duties than persons of ultimate ethical value? How appropriate. As depicted by the photos in the collection, it is not hard to single out the style of these respectable Noisafiennes.

菊氏族監督正義和誠實。菊花,起源於中 國,並提請歐洲十七世紀。該名稱組成, 第一部分,在希臘語,意為 “金”。它的 意思來描述顏色的原始菊花,“金”承 載的涵義和最終的倫理價值。誰更適當 開展司法職責的終極道德價值? 如何恰 當的。正如照片所描繪的集合,它是不難 挑出的風格,這些可敬的耐蕯人。

The common personification of justice balancing the scales of truth and fairness and its symbol being that of a blindfolded Lady Justice holding balanced scales. Noisafiennes further acted upon it by even their dress code of black & white, leaving little room for grey areas. The poetic justice ensures proper distribution of rewards and punishments. Justice is stressed to be attainable without having compassion compromising impassiveness.

常見的人格化司法平衡尺度真理和公正 性,其象,是一個蒙著眼睛的正義夫人舉 行的平衡尺度。耐蕯 進一採取行動是由 他們的著裝甚至黑色和白色,不留下一點 灰色地帶。詩意的公正分配,確保正確的 獎懲。正義是強調要實現的,而不必被 同情影響的。

Lastly, providing the important functions of military as well as local police forces was the Clan Juk. Juk, or bamboo in Chinese, symbolises the paradoxical nature of the plant. Belonging to the grass family, bamboo has little resemblance to common impression of grass. It has hard, though hollow, jointed stems and one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo is tough both on the appearance as well as the texture, is the warrior of the plant family. Extracts from what looks like a diary written by one Minister J. (that was how she liked to be addressed), member of the Clan Juk, described an invasion occurred during her reign by one hostile mainland tribe. Although ended with no serious casualty, she was brought to the realisation that peril was always at hand. Extra training of her security forces was stepped up in efforts to guard against invasion to the Noisafienne sanctuary and the people she loved. “For a period of four months, no less than three nights every week, I wandered off to the guard house to make sure that my commander stays vigilant” she wrote, “I am, however, quite happy with the productivity progress of the weaponry department”. Minister J. wrote fondly about the various forms of celebration and rituals Noisafienne had. Almost all of the physical competitions, including sand canoeing, scabbard throwing and hanglide hawk catching were usually won by her troopers.

最後,提供了重要的軍事職能以及當地 警察部隊是竹氏族, 竹,在中國,象徵著 矛盾的性質。屬於禾本科,竹有一點 相似的共同印象草。它具有硬,雖然中 空,節理莖和一個發展最快的植物世 界。竹子是堅韌的,無論在外觀以及質 地,是戰士的植物家族。 摘日記寫一 J部長(這是她喜歡被如何處理),竹氏 族的成員,描述入侵發生在她統治時期 由一個敵對的大陸部落。雖然結束了沒 有嚴重傷亡,她被帶到認識到,危險 總是在眼前。額外的訓練她的安全部隊 已加強努力防止入侵到 耐蕯,庇護她所 愛的人. “為期四個月,不低於每週三晚,我走 到了到拘留所,以確保我的指揮官保持 警覺”,她寫道:“我但是很高興生產 力進步的武器裝備部門”。 J部長深情地寫了有關各種形式的慶祝 活動和儀式。幾乎所有的物理競賽,包 括沙皮划艇;刀鞘扔;掛鷹捉通常總是她 的警官贏得了。


On the fourth month of conception, the 4 mothers-to-be would be joined by all Noisafiennes aged between 21 and 40 in nocturnal fests for a full week. This is believed to bring uninterrupted blessing to the new born. One favourite activity was projected scenes of nature on the silhouette of each other’s naked body. These moments were captured for memories. Noisafienne women thus found motivation to keep themselves in good physical form. Trust weight losing schemes and dieting will be unthinkable to the Noisafiennes.

在第四個月懷孕,四個母親將要加入所 有年齡介乎二十和四十四歲的耐蕯少女 整整一周的慶典。這被認為是帶來不間 斷祝福新的誕生。是耐蕯人最喜歡的活 動之一,預計場面性質的剪影在對方的 赤裸的身體。這些被捕獲的瞬間記憶。 因此,婦女保持良好的身體形態。信託 節食減肥計劃,將是不可想像的。

There was a second celebration on the eighth month at which time the anticipation and excitement heightened even more. The idea was to bring cheerfulness to both the mothers and children. This time no age limit was set.

還有慶祝活動在四個母親的第八個月整 整一月的慶典,期待與興奮,更加劇。 當時的想法是把快樂無論對母親和兒 童。這一次沒有年齡限制。

The following images are the author’s artistic interpretation of the ceremonial events.

以下圖片是作者的藝術演繹這些禮儀 活動。

Svelte. Long. Reaching for the sky. When body and nature become one.

苗條。長。深遠的天空。 當身體與自然成為一體。

Friends of nature. Creatures of beauty. In celebration of the female form. Once monthly, according to their menstrual cycle. Bodies intertwined with nature. They dance. To nature’s music.

自然之友。生物的美感。 在慶祝活動的女性形式。 每月 一次, 據她們的月經週期。 機構交織在一起的性質。 他們的舞蹈。大自然的音樂。

To ignite. To create anew.


Blessed by the sacred water.


Not to conceal. But to express. An art form. A ceremony of colours.

不隱瞞。 但要表達的。 一種藝術形式。 儀式的色彩。


2 months after the babies were born, the grandest celebration was staged. Presents were exchanged, homemade liqueurs were drunk, blessings were said. All were encouraged to have their faces painted. Newborn babies were showered with colourfulness and joy. True beauty laid in the intention, the care and love carried in each colour, brush and stroke. The tribe felt and breathed as one.

兩個月後出生的嬰兒,最盛大的慶祝活 動上演。交換了禮物,自製甜酒喝了, 說祝福。鼓勵所有在自己臉上塗色。真 正的美中規定的意圖,關心和愛護,進 行每種顏色,畫筆和喜悅。該部落的感 覺和呼吸為一體。

At each interval, there will be 4 young girls came of age. Rituals were performed by the high priestess mainly for the purpose of promoting conceivability. The high priestess, at this stage, had already a rough idea who would be the first 4 to be prepared for the Black Pond. Unfortunately, description of the various rituals is absent from any of the well-kept materials.

在每個時間間隔,將有4個年輕女孩來 歲。儀式分別進行的高女祭司主要目的 是促進受孕。高女祭司,在這個階段, 已經粗略知道誰將會是要準備進黑池。 不幸的是,各種儀式的描述是缺任何完 好的材料的。

A myriad of colours. An expression of NOISAF’s vibrant tribe. A tradition that supports the belief that true natural beauty lies beneath.

無數的色彩。一個表耐蕯的充滿活力的部落。 一個傳統,支持的信念,真正的自然之美在於下方。

The mask of concealment. Applied and worn to honour the beauty inside.

掩碼隱蔽。 應用和磨損兌現美裡。

True Beauty

Noisafiennes did not seem to care too much about cosmetic beauty nor gestures of artificial enhancement. Masks were regularly made to register the growing-aging process. Beauty was seen in masks senior Noisafiennes made too. Frequent organised interaction and activities of all sorts kept the tribe spirit healthy and alive. Modern day stresses in our world, in pursue of materialism, wealth amassing, impassiveness must be quite foreign in the Noisafienne world. What has happened? What took away such a life loving humanity?

耐蕯似乎並沒有太在意美容養顏,也不 主張人工增強。面具定期進行登記日益 增長的老化過程。在耐蕯頻繁的交往和 活動的舉辦,各種族的精神保持健康和生 存。在我們的世界強調追求物質財富積 累,耐蕯的世界。發生了什麼事?什麼 奪走了這樣愛生活的人類?

It peels away the superficial and the good. All that is different becomes similar.

它離果皮表面和好。 所有這一切的不同變得相似。

Faceless. Lifeless. Formless.


To understand oneself is to be comfortable in one’s skin. We see ourselves in the shrunken cracked masks, but actually under the clay beauty still lies within.

要明白自己是要在一個舒適的皮膚。我 們看到自己在萎縮破獲口罩,但實際上 仍然在紅土之美在於內。

Noisafism believes that true natural beauty lies beneath just like the mask concealing the natural beauty which lies beneath.

耐蕯認為,真正的自然之美在於就像面 具下隱藏的自然之美的謊言之下。

The End. The Beginning

Noisafiennes were not immortals. They must fall ill or die natural deaths too. The photos of black masks amidst the material could tell just how death was looked at. There needs not be fear, or avoidance. Like a blade of leaf, at the end of life’s cycle, it falls to the ground, offering itself as nutrient to the tree at which root it lies. Like birth, it is the same natural phenomenon in parallel. A fallen Noisafienne does not distinguish, the spirit stays on, to guard the later generations. The leaf might have shrivelled before it falls, the spirit under the black mask still glows.

耐蕯人不是神仙。他們也必須病倒或自 然死亡的。這些黑色面具的照片訴說死 亡是自然的不需要恐懼,或避免。 像葉葉片,在結束它的生命的週期,它 落在地上,提供營養在它所在的樹根。 像它的誕生一樣是相同的自然現象。一 個耐蕯人墮,精神巋然不動,看守後 代。葉可能下降時是癟的,黑色面具下 仍然發亮。

There are accounts describing Noisfiennes’ celebration by colouring their faces but there is not any about what look like preserved masks from the photos. This could be again another subject of celebration. I interpret it as an expressionless impression, maybe it was about death, polarised from the normally vibrant character of NOISAF as I gathered?

有帳戶描述耐蕯“慶祝他們的臉被著色 但沒有任何關於什麼樣子的灰色口罩, 從照片。這可能是另一個主題的慶祝活 動再次考慮多少耐蕯似乎喜歡慶祝活 動。我i它作為一個面無表情的表達,可 能是關於死亡,偏光從一般充滿活力的 性格耐蕯我收集的?

Stripped of character and colour.


What makes NOISAF unique is no longer. A faceless, genderless tribe.

耐蕯什麼讓獨特不再。 一個面目模糊,沒有性別部落。

Suffocating in same-ness. Devoid of the pulse of life. Vibrant no more.

窒息的相同性。 缺乏生命的脈搏。沒有更多的活力。

An island once filled with women...Vanished forever...


First published by Josephine Auinger 2011


This book is about an island full of women vanished forever...