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eymour Krelborn just can’t seem to catch a break.

Seymour is quite appalled by his plant’s unusual appetite but

He’s a slob, he’s an orphan and he’s stuck working a

is none the less happy to finally find out why it refuses water

dead end job at Musshnick’s flower shop. Only two

and plant food. He reluctantly begins pricking his fingers

things bring him joy in life: his co-worker Audrey and the

and allowing the plant to devour his own blood to keep

group of exotic plants that he raises as a hobby. However,

it alive. Fearing the disapproval of his boss and coworker

one day everything that seemed to be terrible in his life

Seymour hides the plant’s eating habits by telling everyone

changed in an instant.

that he cuts himself while pruning flowers.

Struggling from a lack of customers, Mr. Mushnik decides

Once agian business starts booming for the shop. The plant

to close the store, but Audrey suggests he may have more

even begins to grow in size due to its new diet. Through

success by displaying an unusual plant that Seymour owns.

word of mouth Seymour is invited to do an exclusive inter-

Immediately attracting a customer, Seymour explains the

view at the WKZD radio station.

story of how he bought the plant, which he dubbed “Audrey II”, from a Chinese flower shop during a solar eclipse. Customers flock into the store to see the strange and exotic plant. The increase in patrons leads to and increase in sales and business for the flower shop starts booming. Mushnick, who is normally cold and degrading towards Seymour, begins to compliment him and thank him for the plant that saved his store from falling into ruin. Just as Seymour starts to accumilate popularity among the neighborhood Audrey II begins wilting. Many of the customers loose interest in the plant once it starts dying. Mushnick regains his animocity towards Seymour and threatens to fire him if the plant is not made healthy again. Seymour makes every attempt to nurse the plant back to health. He reads books to discren the cause of Audrey II’s sudden illness but is unable to find out how to remedy this problem. It is only after Seymour pricks his finger while pruning some roses that he realizes the plant likes blood.

Seymour becomes an overnight celebrity thanks to his

After feeding Orin’s parts to Audrey II, which has grown

new found press. One night when he is closing the shop

to enormous size, Seymour discovers the police investi-

by himself Audrey II begins speaking. He demands to fed

gating Orin’s disappearance. Audrey, feeling guilty about

something more filling than blood – flesh! Not just any flesh

wishing Orin would disappear, is comforted by Seymour

either. It must be human and it must be fresh. Of course

and the two admit their feelings for each other. That night,

Seymour is initially reluctant to kill in order to maintain

Mushnik confronts Seymour about what he saw and holds

his popularity but the plant reassures Seymour that if he

Seymour at gunpoint, threatening to report him to the

murders people success will continue to mount.

police. Mushnik then changes his mind, saying that since

Seymour soon attempts to ask Audrey out, but she turns him down because she has a date with her boyfriend, revealed to be a psychotic dentist named Orin Scrivelo.

Seymour was “like a son” to him, he’ll allow Seymour to leave town. With no choice, Seymour steadily backs him towards the plant, which swallows Mushnik whole.

After witnesseing Orin beat Audrey Seymour decides that

Despite widespread success, Seymour worries about Audrey

he should feed him to the plant.

II’s growth and unbridled appetite. Offered money and a

After Orin finishes with his masochistic patient, Arthur Denton, who requested “a long, slow, root canal”, Seymour books an appointment with Orin and arms himself with a revolver; however, he cannot bring himself to use it. Orin, who abuses nitrous oxide, puts on a type of venturi mask to receive a constant flow of the gas. Accidentally breaking an intake valve and unable to remove the mask, Orin begs Seymour for help removing it, but Seymour does nothing.

contract for a botany TV show, Seymour plans to escape Skid Row with Audrey using the money, leaving the plant to starve. Audrey II does not take kindly to this and attempts to eat Audrey. Can Seymour destroy the monster he created or will the world be swallowed whole by this alien plant?