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Pride of Agloe There has been a long history of local companies supporting our local community threw green campaigns, sponsoring local events and actively participating as part of our neighbourhood watch. This has been a inspiration to our new local volunteer group helping give our village a facelift by painting and tidying our communal areas. Find out how to join on

The Vicars Letter How time flies by? I have been the vicar of Agloe’s church for 5 years this month and I wish to take this opportunity to talk about the power of decisions. As it was the decision of my wife and me to relocate from north Yorkshire that has sparked and shaped what my family and me now does. Decisions are an important part of life making or not making a decision may change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Buts also important to not let others effect you decision some times following others will not lead to anything.

Jesus once said “If god did not want them shorn, he would not have made them sheep” Referring to how sheep are born to follow but we have a choice. it is key to now when to accept or reject an offer, which ever you choice you will face both trouble and triumph but in the end you will share in an adventure with everyone you meet along the way.

Pub Closure The company has officially closed Waterloo Arms yesterday morning. Unexplained losses in liquor stock have given the company no choice, much to the disappointment of both the 23 members of staff, management and customers. The pub has managed to accumulate ÂŁ7000 worth of losses over the past 2 months and have supposedly taken every measure to get to the bottom of the problem; notably john lakes has been sent to rehab for alleged drinking problems.

They had no other choice but to close the business. The whole community is shocked and saddened by events but the company hopes to re open the pub in the future with better more trained management and stricter measures in place to prevent such losses in the future.

Those were the days

The Agloe carnival is one of the main events in the village’s calendar of today. Prior to the 1960’s it was known as the Agloe flower show and parade. This month’s photo was taken in the 1938 parade in main street. The man in the cap is Henry Brisley. He was a much respected and well-loved member of the Agloe community who owned Brisley & sons transport yard. Richard Brisley who delivered beer from the local brewery to all the public houses in the neighbouring area started the company in 1852.

The company passed to his son William followed by Henry, being the third generation of the family to run the business. By this time the company had started to use motor lorries as their business had grown, they continued to raise shire horses however; not for work but for social and family occasions, one of which was called Rufus, shown above pulling the lead float in the parade. Brisley had the honour of leading the parade with one of his horses until 1959, famously getting lost in 1954 after a heavy night of drinking the night before. Their last horse robin was also retired in 1959 before the Agloe carnival replaced the parade and flower show.

Other news on file: 75 years ago this month employees from the turner brick makers, numbering nearly 200 men, held the first annual ball organised by the firm’s social committee at the Agloe hall contributing towards raising money for the up-keep of the church and the soldiers fund. 50 years ago this month Town Clerk Mr.Edgar Matthews, disclosed at a planning appeal that a new Agloe Town map would soon be ready. An advisory outline was being planned for an area of 240 acres and a comprehensive redevelopment plan with particular attention being made to the Market Street area.

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