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Materials Which Repel

Tyre treads: Both the wet and intermediate tyres have grooves to remove water the intermediates are used the most in wet weather unless it is a very heavy down pour. C6 fluorocarbon technology:

All of these materials relate in their goal of repelling water. The ways in which they do this are different but show that a high level of science and mathematics has gone into the development of each technology.

Fluorocarbons, sometimes referred to as perfluorocarbons or PFCs, are organofluorine compounds that contain only carbon and fluorine bonded together in strong carbon fluorine bonds. Fluoroalkanes can serve as oil-repellent/ water-repellent


SPEEDO FASTSKIN 3 Hydrophobic technology creates an invisible barrier that easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust.

PIRELLI F1 TYRES C6 fluorocarbon technology reduces the amount of water the suit can absorb and thus eliminates additional weight in the water.

The tread patterns are mathematically designed to scrub the maximum amount of water possible.

Made from a mixture off:

Infusing moulding:

Made from a mixture off:

Made from a mixture off:


The sunglasses are made up of a number of trademarked materials such as

A process for infusing layers with the least amount of glue in-between the layers.

the suit is made from a mixture of speedo trade marked materials such as hydro-k zone 3d fabric, pulse-flex fabric and pulse-power fabric. Which is a combination of invista lycra, invista xtra life lycra and varying decitexes of lycra creating graduated compression across different body zones

Rubber (both natural and synthetic such as SBR) carbon and mechanical oil

Vulcanization is a chemical process which involves linking polymer molecules to other polymer molecules by atomic bridges composed of sulphur atoms or carbon-to-carbon bonds

Pluonite, O matter, Unobtainium, Iridium, Polaric ellipsoid, Photochromic lenses but most of these are made up from nylon infused plastics and sprays such as hydrophobic.

The amount of each element will produce different types of tyres (the more oil in a tyre, the softer it will be)

The end result creates a rubber, which is harder, more durable and more resistant to chemicals and other damage

Jason Atkinson | GDNM Hand Made – High Tech Brief | part 1

Unusual Materials All the materials relate to the idea of containing a property which isn’t visible at first sight that can be used in an endless number of ways to create new and innovative design.



The inks which are developed by ultraviolet light (black light) would also become visible if the paper is heated and the paint can be made from dilute laundry detergent, body fluids, tonic water and vitamin B-12 which has been dissolved in vinegar.

The main property of a hydrophobic coating is the ability to repel water, creating bead droplets that then can easily slide off the surface in a similar way waxy leaves do.




Backlight paint has the property to only be visible under backlight giving the material an unusual and hard to detect.

Bare conductive creates a paint that looks similar to any other paint with the key difference that it can be used to create circuits

Hydrophobic technology creates an invisible barrier that repels water but is impossible to now without testing.

Potential applications / uses:


Potential applications / uses:

Potential applications / uses:

There are endless places in which you can paint this martial however electronically it can be used to produces noise makers, proximity sensors, badges, cards, paper battery holders, light up paper houses, touch sensitive circuits and RGB Led colour sliders.

A type of paint which is a multipurpose electrically conductive material (perfect for experimentation) giving the user the ability to paint on anything walls, floors, tables, shirts, anything (except skin) and turning them into a conductive material.

There are many more uses to backlight paint than just making people and fluorescent posters look cool as it can be used in such things as detecting forgeries of antiques to helping detect invisible leaks in machinery. Identify counterfeit money, invisible fluorescent hand stamps for readmission and at crime scenes to pick out fingerprints. But the main use is to isolate one specific substance from everything around it, giving the application endless potential.

At present the technology is used in high performance pieces such as Oakley sunglasses however it could have industrial applications such as coating fabrics which protect them from UV light and water proof and self-cleaning materials where 99% of dirt adsorbed on such surfaces is easily washed away.

Jason Atkinson | GDNM Hand Made – High Tech Brief | part 2

Development From initial experimentation with bare conductive paints and hyphobic coating I realise that they do work however the hyphobic coating doesn’t work as well as I hoped and is very expensive as is the bare conductive paint. I feel I can progress further if I just focus on black light and the ways in which it can be used with UV materials such as tonic water to create an outcome.


Problems, which have developed

Problems, which have developed

From initial experimentation I have found that that the shine or florescent glow disappears if it is simply painted on to paper. So tonic water only works in liquid form, which means I will have to find some way of displaying the outcome that allows it to stay as a liquid and be useful.

The main problem I face is the flexibility of the tubing which the tonic water is contained in. from research I have discovered that there are mainly different types mostly made from plastics and can be made more flexible by heating.

TONIC WATER Black light is a way to relieve something, which cannot be seen, in normal lighting conditions.

TYPOGRAPHY Tonic water can be seen in UV light as with the mixture of ingredients contains a element which makes the water fluorescent.

I decided that instead of embracing the product design, I would instead look at the graphic elements including how I might shape tubing into a typeface.

How it works

How can I use it?

How it works

How did I design the typeface?

With our own eyes when a black light is turned on we see a glow of ether dark blue or purple as these are at the edge of the visible spectrum but the light also admits uv light that could be considered as a weak form of x-ray as it allows the user to reveal things which are not visible to the naked eye. But to work there must also be a material, which is fluorescent.

There are many ways it is currently being used such as in fluorescent posters as well as more series applications such as spotting counterfeit money or painting and identifying fingerprints.

Tonic water is useful in several ways as it helps keep cramp away as well as serving as a prophylactic against malaria because of quinine which is them same ingredient that allows tonic water to glow under black light.

From the research I did in stages 1, 2 and 3 I looked at different compounds such as quinine and became interested in the way compounds are drawn in a hexagon shape pattern. I decided to use this as starting point for creating a typeface which links into the compound element of the design material (tonic water).

Personally as I am interested in the area of graphic design and typography I want to look at it as a medium for creating a textual outcome.

Jason Atkinson | GDNM Hand Made – High Tech Brief | part 3

Development My experimentation with black light and tonic water continues to develop into a design outcome which shows a inventive process and an unusual group of materials.


What I have discovered

Detailed outline of final outcome

from the experimentation I have discovered two many things one is that it is very hard to just illuminate one section without illuminating another which I think can be solved by using small led black lights instead of a black light tube. But as predicted it does work well in creating shapes that can only be fully visible under black light.

A hexagon grid made using clear tubing and connection sections containing tonic water with a LED backlight board behind the grid allowing control of turning on and off selected lights so is only illuminates sections of tubing to create text using the set font design.

EXPERIMENTATION Post secrets is a blog where people mail there secrets in the form of postcards and are then displayed on the site. which is updated every sunday.

How does this relate to the material I’m using?

How might it be used?

Problems which have developed

I decided to look at post secrets as a way of giving context to the typography as it has a similar sort of hidden quality that tonic water display. I also thought it may add a comic and serious quality to the installation with secrets such as “maybe he’s my dad’s brother or maybe he’s my dad” or “my parents smoke more pot than I do”

This could be used as a content to the type face I have designed using a hexagon grid system display secrets on a loop using a matrix grid of black light LED’s to light up the tonic water.

There are to main problems I found when doing these experiments the first being the difficulty of plug each end of the tubing. I started by using plumbing putty that can stop leaks in pipes however as tonic water is fizzy unlike the water, which is normal in plumbing it has enough pressure to break through. so I started to experiment with corks and carved them down to fit the pipes this worked better with only small leaks.

FINAL OUTCOME From developing a possible outcome I wanted to experiment with the methods I would need to now to make the final outcome possible.

The final outcome is a installation piece centred around type and displaying visuals which change giving each view a different impression of the piece.

In my last experiment I tried to create a letter using the typeface I designed however from this I discovered that black light can shine right threw white canvas which I did not now which meant the canvas and the tubing was flooded with backlight which allowed the tonic water to glow but didn’t work the way I had hoped.

the outcome of the text will be on loop displaying secrets which have been shared through the online website post secrets and manually converted into text. Each display will last depending on the amount of words in the secret but it will be equal to 3 seconds per word.

Jason Atkinson | GDNM Hand Made – High Tech Brief | part 3

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