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f you have nail fungus, you are not alone. Upwards of 35 million people around the world endure ugly, brittle, at times painful nails due to a fungal infection. Fortunately, there is now a natural solution to your nail infection

troubles, and it is named Zetaclear. The product is applied on your nails and it is made from natural ingredients, safe and effective. The nail paint is made up of several natural oils which are known to enhance nail health. These oils are outlined below. Tea tree oil - Leaves of the melaleuca tree are thought to have been used for ages by Australian aborigines for its medicinal qualities, specifically, to maintain and improve skin health. Its efficacy has been established anecdotally for a longer time than there has been scientific proof of its medicinal properties. Recent studies show that tea tree oil has terpenoids, which help increase skin and nail health. Tea tree oil also has anti-infective qualities. Almond oil - This ingredient has been used to hydrate skin, relieve chapped lips, and relieve itching due to dryness. Although it is a type of oil, it is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. It is also mild, so it doesn't upset the skin. Jojoba oil - The oil in Jojoba seeds are believed to be molecularly comparable to human sebum, which is the oil we naturally secrete to keep our skin moist and supple. Using jojoba oil will thus help alleviate problems with moisture loss from the skin. Vitamin E oil - Vitamin E is a great antioxidant and when used topically, is easily absorbed. One of the risk factors of nail infection is poor circulation. Vitamin E helps encourage and boost blood flow to ensure that your nails receive adequate water and nutrients.

Lemongrass oil - Before, lemongrass was grown in home gardens to keep off insects. Recent scientific studies show, however, that it also has antifungal properties. The essential oil of lemongrass is commonly used as a natural cure for nail fungus since it is a non-toxic and natural fungicide. Clove oil - Clove extract is a highly effective antifungal agent used to remedy athlete’s foot and several other fungal infections. Studies have found that clove oil has considerable antifungal activity against Candida species. Castor oil - This oil also has high vitamin E content which can benefit greatly your fragile nails and ragged cuticles. Cracking castor oil under pressure will also produce undecylenic acid, that is utilized to combat skin and nail infections. One of the purported mechanisms underlying its anti-fungal effects is its inhibition of the conversion of Candida yeast to its active form. Go here to find answers to the question: Does Zetaclear work?

Why is zetaclear an effective nail fungus treatment  
Why is zetaclear an effective nail fungus treatment  

Fungal infection on nails is a problem that affects many people all over the world. It occurs more frequently on toenails than fingernails a...