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Old View – The old view is when they is only one meaning you can get from the image. New View – The view is when we can get many different interpretations/meanings from a media text.

Decoding in the three ways  This is a link to a cctv footage. There are three type of readings we can get from this. There is the dominant reading. This is when the reader agrees completely with what they are being shown so for this video they would agree that drinking is bad.  The second reading is the negotiated reading. This is when the reader understands what point the media text is trying to get across but doesn’t fully agree. In this case the reader would say that they agree drinking too much is bad but they only cut down on the amount they have.  The third reading is the oppositional reading which is when the reader doesn’t agree at all with the point being made. For them this video wouldn’t make any difference to them and they would keep drinking.

The male gaze is the way a male would see women from the media. Mulvey has said that the way women are portrayed through the media and camera language has proven that they are shown as sex objects for men. This creates a high status for males as they have shown women as being there just for their pleasures.

Objectification This first image is from the music video ‘wreaking ball’ by Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is shown naked on a wreaking ball around ruins of a building. This shows that she is disturbed. This shows women as being object for males pleasures. As this song is about a relationship with a guy is also connotes that this is what the guy has lead her on do doing so it also portrays women as being weak minded as in strength.

Empowerment This image is of a women sitting/ being around an expensive car or other items. This empowers women because it shows as being of a high status from the luxury items e.g. the clothes she's wearing and the expensive car she is in. 

Male objectification This image is of the naked man hand cuffed to the rail shows male objectification as he is shown as being weak where as in a major of music videos and other media text it’s the male that’s represented as being strong and the women as the weak one. 

Voyeurism of the female body is used often is music videos and other media texts. Good win has also said that women are commonly objectified. They are objectified like Laura Mulvey’s theory of the male gaze in videos through the lack of clothing in their costume revealing their bodies. Camera language and editing can be used to make the female(s) more sexually attractive but that is done more by their representation in the video from their costume and their actions.

The images on the right hand side are a Frankenstein model I have created by using images from different music videos of women. I have created this model to represent the voyeurism of the female body in music videos.