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Fathers Day Activities 2014, Father's Day Crafts for Kids | 15 June Fathers Day Activities 2014 - A father is a person who sacrifices his sleep, his time, and his dreams just for the sake of his children. He works day and night for his children better future. So it’s our chance to turn something for his love. On this father’s day except for the soulful preparations let’s make it more interesting with some father’s day activities. It not only increases your entertainment rate but also make your father feel a lot happy to indulge himself with you. Here are some father’s day activities you can do n father’s day.

Fathers Day Activities 2014 | Crafts Ideas 1) Fishing Go out on fishing with your dad and make a race about who catch more. Compliment your fishing with a feast on the bank of lake itself.

2) Shopping Sometime even father also like to go for shopping and if he is in mood so enjoy your day outside the house shopping for yourself and your father.

3) Cooking Class We love when our father make something for us and if your father is master of kitchen then it’s cherry on top. So why not to cook with your father on this father’s day.

4) Go for Bike Ride Come out of your house. Take your bicycle and start your journey of racing or just for fun. Go out with your father on bicycle scavenger hunt.

5) Color Printable Take print out of some printable and set a competition between the kids that who color it first and with the most beautiful color.

Fathers day activities 2014

Fathers day activities 2014