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Products 1 In the twinkling of an eye Product Design 2 Drops of Diamond Ceramic Design 3 Rumors and Slanders Interactive Installation 4 Steady Love Sculpture 5 Coffee talk Product Design

夏承捷 Cherng-Jye Shiah Master of Art in Design, Institute of Applied Art National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan (NCTU) Bachelor of management, Dept. of information system National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan(NCU)

Tel: 0919-132-951 E-mail :

User Experience Design Techniques User Research (interviews, surveys) Contextual Inquiry Cognitive Walkthrough Persona & User Profiles Usability Testing Task Analysis, Use Cases Affinity Diagram & KJ Method Prototypes

Software Skills 2D Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw. 3D Design Tools: ProE, Cinema 4D Animation Design Tools: Adobe Flash

Related Project CHI 2011 Design Community: Fami+1: Helping foreign spouses blend in with local family

2011 Idea Storming Design Project of National Science Council of Taiwan: The innovative design of health care services

2010 Taiwan Designer's week Clock design: In the twinkling of an eye

2010 Project of National Science Council of Taiwan: The Develop of Culture-Orientated Experience Design Process Model

2010 Idea Storming Design Project of National Science Council of Taiwan: Service Design for Experiencing Recreation Cycling Life style

2009 Project of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan: Slow Tour- Cycling Service Design

In the twinkling of an eye Taiwan Designers’ week 2010 Group member : Ju-Wei Huang, Chun-Chuan Lin This work was designed for the Taiwan Designers' Week 2010, and its concept was to present “Time” through magnetic attachment and repulsion of iron powder. The points denoted hour hand while the lines denoted minute hand of clock, and the container preserving iron power represented the passing of seconds. Through this work, I would like to express the elapsing and regeneration: “Time” is passing but never stopped. The effect of attached iron power to the magnet presented the regeneration of time, and the visionary feeling of falling power without magnetic force showed the elapsing of time. In addition, the locus of remaining iron powers on the clock surface presented the trace of time.



Idea Sketch

In the process of concept development, my intention was to exaggerate the effects of emergence and elapsing of time, thus I took magnets and iron sand to form my concept, as the phenomenon of rapid gathering of iron sand with magnetic force, or the sudden falling without magnetic force were original sources of my concept. In the concept forming stage, I also attempted other materials such as iron beads for experiment needs.


Mechanical design

Mentioning the container preserving iron power represented the seconds, as the sand leaked out through the small hole of container, and the funnel with iron powders turn to the upper half of the clock, the magnetic pointer becomes effective, and thus the magnetic pointer behind would attached to the location of iron powders sprinkled on the clock surface, and showed the current time. As the pointer moves to the lower half of the clock, the pointer vanished as the magnetic force disappeared, the fallen iron powders would gradually slip into the funnel through the small hole along with the spin of clock, and then be carried up through the spin of funnel, and the resprinkled iron powder presented time again. The motor controlling the gear wheel was connected to an Arduino chip for controlling the revolving time of motors. The motor was turned on and stayed the magnetic pointer close to the surface of clock when the funnel loaded with iron powders is approaching the upper half of clock, in the same manner, the motor was turned on again to shift the magnetic pointer away from the surface to fall the iron powders when the funnel is approaching the lower half of the clock, and then shifted back to the original location. Such approach was adopted to control the effect of magnetic pointer.

7 5


In the process of production, in the first stage, we intended to control electromagnet through chips to attach the iron sand, however the small-sized electromagnet was insufficient in magnetic force for attaching oxidized iron powders according to our experiment results. Therefore, we turned to pulling and pushing a base which is movable back and forth through a motor, and installed the clock movement as well as the magnetic device on the base. The moving of base may adjust the output of magnetic, while the base was controlled through the Arduino chip. We also attempted distinct magnets for different forces and weights, as well as many kinds of iron powders, and various results came out each time. In our expectations, the iron powders fallen out of withdrawing of magnetic force, it may be removed from the surface completely. Hence, we decided to choose the aluminum board with anodizing as the surface of clock to achieve ideal result.


1 1 3 4


Figure 1. As the magnetic force disappeared, the look of iron powders fallen completely. Figure 2. The iron powders were loaded in the funnel, and sprinkled on the surface through the small hole. Figure 3. After using for a while, the locus showed on the surface. Figure 4. Due to distinct quantity of iron powders fallen and location of pointer, it presented different shapes. 9

2010 Taiwan Designers’ week



Drops of Diamond Ceramic Espresso cup

Precious Concept development Creating a cup of nice espresso takes practice, diligence and attention to detail, you also need nice coffee beans and water to make just some small drops of coffee.

? Sketches and Prototype



Plaster mold making and Casting

Color Testing

who said that?

Rumors and Slanders Group Exhibition by NCTU Applied Art Institute In this group exhibition of Institute of Applied Arts in NCTU, I tried to pop out the unchecked spreading and untruthfulness of media report. Many media reports were lacking of basis or even unreal, however the audiences were easily instigated in such process, and incapable of independently thinking of the reality of such information. As they received information, they were easily persuaded due to the familiar channel or tone, even they were not aware of the provider of information.


Through this device, it served as a voice container, which let the users leave messages through recording, no one knows the provider of the last massage, and there will be no one knows your identity when you leave any message in the container. It emphasized the unreliability and unrestraint.


Idea Sketch In the conceptual stage, it was expected the users may hear the voice from the device incidentally in various channels, and to record the new voices from users. In the production process, we recorded voice through microphone and saved the last message saved through recording chips. The voice would be played to appeal the people walked through detection of light sensor. As the user pressed the red button, the device started to record and deleted the previous messages and left the new one.


Mechanism design Press the button to record the voice Microphone


Light sensitive component

Memory Clip

In the production process, as the user pressed the recording button, the message would be recorded on the chip through the mini-sized microphone near the button, and the voice would be played automatically after sensed the changing of light and shadow with the light sensor attached on the chip. It just like the users saving the message in the glass bottle, and the message was automatically leaked as the bottle open. Through such interaction, users may find it interesting in the process and try to understand the meaning of this work.



2. Listening to message 1. Hear some noise

3. Leave a new message Rumors and Slanders Not responsible secret

5. Listening to the new message

4. Hear some noise

After leaving own voice message, users may observe others' reaction toward such message, and made this device an interactive tool between strangers, or even a tool for emotion releases. Every user may speak out freely without taking any responsibility.

The birth of the reader must be at the cost of the death of the Author -Roland Barthes 16

2009 Group Exhibition by NCTU Applied Art Institute


Steady love sculpture

Coffee Talk Design course 2009 This is the piece done in design course in 2009. With expectations of letting users feel the warm from each other in using mobile phone, it combines the motion and image of cup with the video phone, this design create a whole new using experience, let the users feel like seeing others through water wave when using video phone. 18

Field Research

We gathered the phones currently in the market and conducted Morphological analysis, to realize the phone types through distinct dimensions such as hardness of shape, or warmness of color to analyze the phones in the market. After discussion, we attempted to design a warmer phone making users calm, and removed the coldness of product in the process. 19

Idea Sketch


Image Board

In this stage, we gathered many graphics to facilitate the concept, with the expectations to let users sense the warmness just like home, a relaxed and easy feeling, make using phone as warm and relaxed as having a cup of hot tea.



Rendering and Scenario Through touch screen, users may dial and have video conversation through the camera on the screen, users see other's vision on the screen of cup surface as seeing the shadow in the water. Users may also implement distinct tasks through different motions, such as tilting the cup as to play the message recorded. pour out the message Led color shows the status

You have 3 messages! Dial with touch screen

Digital camera for video call



Work Collection

Escape Trash Can Design

Honey-Bee Chinese checkers Redesign

Drop USB Flash Drive design

Power Connection Wireless Socket Device


Guide Pipe Indicator Redesign project

Heartbeat Clock design

Shape your body Home Exercise service design

Smooth sculpture


Sketch Collection


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Design by Jasper Shiah


Portfolio Cherng-Jye Shiah 承捷 Products 1 In the twinkling of an eye Product Design 2 Drops of Diamond Ceramic Design 4 Steady Love Sculpture...


Portfolio Cherng-Jye Shiah 承捷 Products 1 In the twinkling of an eye Product Design 2 Drops of Diamond Ceramic Design 4 Steady Love Sculpture...