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Dear Friends, love putting together the March/April issue of Jasper. Like many people, in the Venn diagram of my life, there is an immense area where art and social justice overlap, particularly when it comes to equality of the sexes. We’ve reminded our readers in issues past of how long it has taken humankind to move toward equal opportunity for and representation of women in the arts. We hope that our efforts to focus a single yearly issue of Jasper specifically on the myriad cultural contributions of women artists will help move us all a little closer to where we want to be. And what a great joy it is to make this effort with such a talented array of local artists from which to choose. This issue we’re focusing on women who practice their art from behind the camera and we’re sharing some of their work with you. Molly Harrell, Kathleen Robbins, and

Jessica Christine Owen all approach their photography from diverse perspectives. They all came to their profession via fascinating paths, and each produce unique outcomes. Similarly, ballet dancer Ashley Concannon is also a photographer who brings her own distinctive experience to her work as she captures the beauty of dance from the perspective of someone looking from the inside out. Cover artist and graphic designer Maria Fabrizio also produces visual images but, of late, her work has taken a turn for immediacy gaining national attention via her blog Wordless News. Finally, as some of you may know, I was recently given the great honor of learning that I have been selected to receive a Verner Award, presented by the SC Arts Commission. My dear friend—acclaimed poet, Jasper literary arts editor and the kind soul who nominated me—Ed Madden writes about the Verner on page 58. Like so many good things

that have happened in my life, this award has been the result of a group effort. From the enormously generous friends, artists, and patrons who worked alongside Ed to make the recognition happen, to the members of the Jasper staff and the Jasper family writ large, the contributions of support, talent, advice, and love demonstrate how easy it is to make difficult things happen when we work together. Although my name will be inscribed on the Verner plaque, this award belongs to the entirety of the Jasper staff, the collection of writers for Muddy Ford Press, and the hundreds of local visual artists, dancers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and stage artists who have risen to the call for an artist-driven arts community in which the makers of the art are empowered with its agency and control. We all reap these rewards. Congratulations to us all!



Errata: In Jasper volume 3, number 3 Ed Madden should have been credited for writing about the Columbia Broadside Project, and for the story on Steve Daniels, Wade Sellers should have been credited as writer and Alexis Schwallier as photographer.

Jasper regrets these errors.

Jasper // as in Johns, the abstract expressionist, neo-Dadaist artist as in Sergeant, the Revolutionary War hero

as in Mineral, the spotted or speckled stone as in Magazine, the Word on Columbia Arts

MAR / APR 2014 / VOLUME 003 / ISSUE 004

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Jasper Magazine - Volume 3 Issue 4  

Jasper Magazine – – is dedicated to the promotion and support of Columbia, SC artists and arts lovers. Jasper Magazin...

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