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Thomas Hammond Staff Photographer

Thomas Hammond was born on top of a mountain in the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. To answer your first two questions, he is not Chinese, nor is he a military brat. After some time toddling around northern Europe, Thomas eventually found his way to Greenville and ultimately Columbia, where he has been ever since. After high school, he pursued degrees in music education and musicology. Happenstance brought him into employment at various libraries in the Soda City. Up until this point, photography had always been casual hobby. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, Thomas’s images began to pique the interest of friends and colleagues who encouraged him to pursue the hobby more seriously. Now, he shoots regularly around town for various print and online publications (mostly local, but some national) and his work can be found in galleries. As a member of the Jasper staff, Thomas hopes to use this as an opportunity to push himself more creatively and heighten the public’s awareness of the value of good quality photography. The new media environment has made it easy for publishers and the consuming public to accept cheap and easy over quality. Thomas would argue that just because you can take the easy route does not mean that you should. His lucky number is 3846894640408747468894.754

Alex Smith Staff Writer

Alex Smith was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. His education and career as a theatre artist and technician, musician, writer, performer, filmmaker, visual artist, and puppeteer are the result of the generosity and talent of an endless list of excellent artists, from whom he learned by observing and working for and/or with. From playing the title role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, to serving as technical director for the Piccolo Fringe Festival at Theatre 99 from 2002 – 2005, to acting under the direction of Dewey Scott- Wiley, Darion McCloud, Robert Richmond, Nathan Bezner, and Jim Thigpen, to assisting Brenda Schwarz for the year leading up to the opening of the Tapp’s Arts Center, to being selected by curator Philip Mullen as one of the spotlighted artists at the Cultural Council’s 2011 Founders Ball, Alex is constantly embracing the role of local Renaissance Man. Alex joined the Jasper Staff because Cindi asked him to, and that’s really all it took. “I think what Jasper is doing is giving the disparate artists in their disparate fields of artistic endeavor in Columbia a literal and figurative place to use as a touchstone. Jasper is one of the main conduits that is helping to create a unified arts community in Columbia.” Alex does not have a doppelganger, per se, but he has often referred to Nickelodeon Theatre executive director Andy Smith as his, “good twin.”

Annie Boiter-Jolley Operations manager

Annie Boiter-Jolley grew up in the woods of Chapin, SC. While attending high school at the North Carolina School of the Arts, she co-founded both a viola gang and a political club. Annie graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Carolina Honors College, where she double majored in political science and Women’s and Gender Studies, minored in Southern Studies, continued her political activism, and, sadly, let her musical studies fall by the wayside. She is currently working on the dissertation that will complete her PhD in political science, teaching undergraduate courses in political science, and recently dusted off her viola so that she could play with the Columbia Community Orchestra. Annie joined the Jasper staff because all the cool kids were doing it. Her theme song is her husband Kyle’s rendition of “Wagon Wheel.”


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