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I have always thought of film production as summer camp for adults. Crews are brought together for a set amount of time and dive right into why they are there. There’s usually a good friend or two with you, some you haven’t seen in a while, strangers that you get to know all too intimately over the course of your allotted time on set. When production is over you say you’re going to stay in touch, but you rarely do. Then, on the next job, you see a selection of familiar faces and it all begins again. Some jobs you like more than others. But the really good ones usually have one thing in common, great camp counselors. Or in the case of film and commercial production, great people at the top—the producers, directors, and writers. Film and commercial production is a stressful business. It’s a roller coaster ride of financial and emotional stress. I’ve never understood how creative and personal relationships survive this ride, especially when both partners are involved in the production together. The three filmmaking couples that are profiled in this issue not only love that roller coaster ride, they thrive on it. On set, all three serve as those camp counselors. They all have a strong body of work that spans a wide area of production. Also, all three couldn’t take a more varied approach to their craft. The one common theme among them is their love for what they do, and their love for each other. //WS 022

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Vol. 002 No. 006