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Jasper Lee Graphic Design +44 (0) 7870 500286

Hello, I am Jasper Lee, a second year graphic design student – studying and Leeds College of Art. This booklet will let you get to know my work, from my interests to my expertise as well as me as a person. I am a tall, smart, well-dressed perfectionist with an eye for precision and professionalism. I am a doer, I love what I do and I’m not afraid to put myself out there.

My design focus lies in editorial & publishing design as well as advertising and branding. I like to work across multi-media, producing both print and digital based work. Please enjoy getting to know me and let me know what you think. Jasper



02_03 Name_ Jasper George Stanley Lee Age_ 20 Birthday_ 27_01_1994 From_ Newcastle upon Tyne Living_ Leeds Studied_ Newcastle Royal Grammar School Studying_ Leeds College of Art Height_ 6’ 2” Interests_ Fashion Football Photography Music Film Football_ Newcastle United FC Instagram_ Twitter_ @jaspergslee LinkedIn_ Pinterest_ Jasper Lee

My Work_

My work_


My main direction within my work involves editorial and publishing on both a digital and a print based level. I have strengths in layout design and I like to use repetative grid throughout my work which I then manipulate to make the layout interesting and the content engaging. My interest and directing in editorial and publishing is mainly focused around publications such as newspapers and magazines, however, I am interested in almost all areas of editorial design. Another of my strong directions within my work is advertising. I have a keen interest in how an advert works and love creating campaigns that are unusual and intriguing. The final other main focus of my work is branding. I love creating an identity for a company, whether it is a small independant business or a mutli-national agency.

The Print Paper_


Twinned Benches_


Twinned Benches_


Twinned Benches_



Rachel Anne Waring is a surface pattern designer. This branding project included her logo, business cards, portfolio and letterheads.


Akinbolaji Osunsina is a fashion designer. Thie project included his branding (logo, business cards, clothing hangers), his lookbook and his website.


Equilibrio was a proposed creative agency based in Barcelona, focusing on event branding. This project included a full brand identity and guidelines.


Velocity was a proposed roadbike repair and maintenance company. This project included a full brand identity and guidelines.

My Interests_

My interests_

18_19 Style_ Fashion and my style is a very important part of my life. I believe in the ethos that you can never be over-educated or over-dressed. The way I dress is an expression of myself, no matter what I am doing I always feel more confident if I am confident in what I am wearing. My style mixes classic and contemporary styles. I like to look smart and presentable as I think first impressions are very important. Sport_ I love playing and watching sport at any level. Football is my preferred sport, something I play 2-3 times a week during the season. I am also an avid supporter of Newcastle United FC, where I have had a season ticket since I was 12. Fitness is also something that is important to me, so exercise on a regular basis and eat as healthy as possible. Photography_ Photography is something I really enjoy and is something I would love to do more of. Art & Design_ I love art and design in any form and regularly visit gallaries and events when I can. Food & Drink_ I don’t think you can beat good food and good drink, be that at a Michelin star restaurant in London or a gourmet burger takeaway in Newcastle. There is no better way to socialise than over a excellent meal or some well chosen drinks in an interesting location. I have also recently got into drinking ‘proper’ and interesting beers.

Where I want to be_


I am still very much developing who I am as a designer and a creative. Over the next year I want to focus down what I want to do and where I want to go. To do this I want to visit a variety of different companies, studios and agencies to gain a greater understanding of the industry I want to go into. At this current point in time I want to go into either editorial and publishing or advertising. I want to combine my love of fashion with my passion for graphic design, be that creating lookbooks for high fashion houses, such as The House of Nines, or being the creative director at a top fashion magazine, such as GQ. I enjoy the finer things in life and will work until I get them. This means the money is an important aspect of a job. I know that the current creative industry is one of the greatest gowing industries at the moment. I also know that the money in graphic design lies in the digital side, with many print budgets getting cut. Something else I would love to do is to travel. I would love to be able to work internationally or live abroad. I would love to visit/work all over the world; Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Tokyo, New York, Miami, etc. I really need to push myself to get where I want to be and that is what I will do. I am not happy when I think I am letting myself down, so I strive to improve, to be the best I can possibly be.

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