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What to look for when selecting acne products

Acne is a major skin problem that affects over 75% of the population, either whilst they are in their teens or more recently, in adulthood. Due to the large potential customer base, a large market of acne products and acne treatment creams has become available and it is often difficult for acne sufferers to decide on the correct product to use. Many consumers would first seek some form of over the counter medicine, but when those do not show the results as anticipated, most consumers then go and consult their local dermatologist. Obviously, this whole exercise can become costly, and it often better to consult first so that you are prescribed or given advice on the best product to use at the initial stages of acne breakouts, or to best treat the different types of acne that exist.

Dependent on your skin type, there are a few of the usual over-the-counter type treatments, as well as some of the specialist acne creams that will treat some of the more severe acne cases. Most of these products can be found on

Some of the more popular acne treatment products include: Aquanil Cetaphil Neutragena Eucerin

Obviously each product has a distinct skin type that it is intended for, and it is best to get your dermatologist to recommend the correct product for your particular skin type and acne scenario. Also, when using the products, try and steer clear from using rough cleansers or scrubs, as any vigorous scrubbing can actually lead to an onset of even more acne.

What to look out for in acne products

When selecting an acne treatment, do not go solely on the recommendation of others, as they may not have the same skin condition as you, or may even have different skin tone and complexion. Each product will work differently for each skin type. Make sure that you understand the active ingredients in each of the acne treatments. Research which active ingredients work with each skin type. All products will have similar active ingredients, but some are more suited to darker skins, whereas others are more suited to Caucasian skin types.

The major common active ingredients are as follows: Salicylic acid – this ingredient assists with quick shedding of dead skin cells, and assist with declogging skin pores. This active ingredient is usually found in most acne creams and other gels.

Benzoyl peroxide – this is also another common active ingredient that is found in most over-thecounter as well as prescribed medications. This active ingredient has been proven to reduce acne infecting bacteria that are known to clog the skin pores. Some forms of mild to moderate acne are usually treated with creams that have Benzoyl peroxide as their main active ingredient. There are some serious side effects from the overuse of benzoyl peroxide, and that is that skin tends to become dry and flaky.

Testing the various products on the market

A good way to see whether these products may work for your skin type is to check various online skin forums, or to consult your dermatologist. Identify your own skin tone and skin type, and then take note of what the active ingredients do that particular skin type. Ask yourself questions like:

What are the side effects? Can this product be used on this particular skin type? How long will it take to see results? How long after the acne disappears do I continue to use the product?

It is always a good idea to cut down the usage of these products once you have no more acne, but make sure that you do not stop the product altogether and then risk a reoccurrence of the acne breakouts. It is recommended to avoid alcohol and oil-base products as these may either dry your skin extremely or add to the problem of excess oil. As you experiment with acne products, take note which leaves a soft feel and which results to itchiness and irritation.

Ultimately, when deciding on which acne product to use, you need to consider cost, suitability for your skin type, duration until results, and availability. If you can, it is best to understand the active ingredients for each treatment, and if possible attempt to test the product out via experimenting. After a short experimentation stage, you will be able to determine if the acne treatment or acne product is suited to you.

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