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Inspiration This is the inspiration chapter. It includes material which that is important for me as inspirational source for my work.

3 dimensional effect created by cracking a piece of paper. The use of unique skills lead to results that surprises and make the viewer think behind the known boarders.

To get a real insight or a different view on something it is important to change one’s point of view and think around the corner.

All the input we receive every day and everywhere must be carefully processed to get to the core of all the information.

When new comes the old has to leave? It is hard to resist against a new and strong force and often there is just a niche left where to squeeze in.

Aspirations. It is the hypnosis of something new and exciting that evokes enthusiasm, which leads to a change or brings us the the goal we aim for.

Everything created has a footprint somewhere. It might not be clear what the outcome of one’s action will be - so only carefully thought trough creations can prevent us from developing mistakes.

The boundaries of real life and digital world melt more and more from day to day. This for sure has consequences for us. The question is to what extend digital media is helpful to us and when does it become a threat?

Who tells what is necessary? Is it our own mind or is it an idea by someone else? The personal life becomes less and less personal through the influence of modern media.

Playing? Is it a game to shoot? Being superior against someone else is obviously a feeling people like. But where stops the reality and begins the fiction?

The modern devil? Within mythology the fox is seen as the devil. The modern evil has a modern look. Not everything we know must show up as we expect. We have to be open for new interpretations.

Precious? The rose as common symbol of beauty. The dog? Beauty is subjective and different from person to person. We see beauty where ever we want to see it.

Structure. We live in a structure that is always changing and challenges us to change as well.

The dresses body - body becomes garment and vice vera. The purpose of clothing has many facets, The challenge is how to wear garments to successfully achieve the wanted effect and function.

The art of simplicity. To be accessible be honest and say what you are.

There are many ways of advertising and publications - clarity in some way is always a good communicator. Accentuation by use of colour can leads the eye to the important messages.

AMFI This chapter shows a selection of products I worked on at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Jeans Brand Book With a team of 15 people the task was to create a book that not only portrays the branded jeans market ,but also shows possible positions for new jeans brands. This task focused on team work in terms of organisation to produce an informative and coherent product, that stands out by it’s design and content.

Realised in a hard cover with different envelops per categorization. ( The Jeans Market was divided in differnet taste categories )

Example: Chapter Spicy All images ( exepct the brand visuals ) were self-made and communicate one feeling, that supports the essence of the chosen brands.

Target Group Visualisation This assignment was useful to demonstrate the abilities to translate a target group into a home environment. By intensive research, a sub target group was found. E.G.: target group: young families - sub traget group: The Healthy Innovators.

This is the realisation of “The Healthy Innovators� living-kitchen. They are between 25 and 35. Having a medium income, one child and a keen on new technology as well as on a healthy lifestyle. Thus they keep up with new technology and eat preferably organic food.

Detailed view into the family’s kitchen & living space.

Graphic Design Book The task was to create a graphic design guideline, that supports one’s work when it comes to layout decision, font choice or image composition. I developed an eye for detail in layouts as well as an extended understanding of fonts and their message and use.

Envelop with my logo ( cut out ) and cover of the booklet.









PURPOSE This booklet shows various subjects of Graphic Design. Including the use and impact of colour, font design or print design, it’s purpose is to be helpful and guiding when it comes to a graphical task.


Prints, especially in the upcoming SS ‘13 collection, play an important role. The trend slowly goes back from monochromatic to a more playful and street style look. The right composition of elements is essential to design a catchy print. Depending on it’s purpose (Placement or Repetition) dimensions and directions are important. Furthermore the same principles of cover design are relevant: the right balance is vital


Not only image material transports a certain message. Each font has a specific history and purpose. Thus the choice of a font cannot be made out of the blue. Specific research and tryouts are necessary to find the right typography with the needed support for the overall message. Example: Font made from model making moss. capitals only

Brand Book & Brand Manual In this assignment I had to create a new and innovative fashion brand. The brand manual is about the strategic vision of the brand and is aimed to art directors, buyers, stylists, etc.. It makes sure that the brand has a coherent image. The brand book is a shorter and more simple version for third parties that want to know what the brand is about. I created the organic luxury brand ‘Doused’


Balance is our luxury




t ‘Doused’ we create a balanced world where high-end luxury fuses with a healthy environment. We believe that real luxury is when you and the earth are in balance. Therefor we use our imagination to create; with unique artistry and organic richness. Our products are made by careful thoughts and decisions to design a lifestyle that brings pleasure to our customer’s life and care for our environment. As a high-fashion brand innovative materials

and production ways are important for us. ‘Doused’ differentiates itself from other organic fashion brands by creating extravagant luxury fashion and accessories that do not follow any anti-consumption or alternative lifestyle. We believe that a personal luxury can go hand in hand with a healthy environment. That is what ‘Doused’ stands for. We unite our customers with their planet’s resources and remarkable beauty.



o underline the organic, high-fashion image of ‘Doused’ we use a bright green for our logo. This is the only colour we use in our visual communication. Text is always black on a white background.


or the collection we use white, grey or light pastel tones to emphasis the balance between our garments and a healthy nature.


DouseD Balance is our luxury



he ‘Doused’ logo is created with a green circle that symbolizes a green and ecological earth. The 2 stripes stand for the balance between the earth itself and the people living on it’s surface.

e use the font ‘Bellerose’ by James M. Harris for all our textual communication. It supports the clarity and luxurious image of ‘Doused’. Font: Size for text: Size for headers: Lines for first capital: Font Colour Background Colour:

Bellrose 10 pt 24 2 Black White



e not only provide our customers with fashion that is conform to their ecological beliefs. At ‘Doused’ we also organize events where we invite interested people to show how we create. Customers get an insight in

our production and creative process. We see this as an exchange of knowledge and thoughts that help all of us to develop a balanced wellbeing. Our customer has an active role in the creation of a healthy planet.


Style Book The Style Book is about being able to look at an enormous amount of information and image material, and to extract from it the essence of a specific style. The aim of the Style Book assignment is to provide the skills needed to research and analyse any given fashion style. It is all about research and creating a coherent mood by using Photoshop skills.

First spread Connoting the structured and intelligent life of the Chinese culture 2011

Second spread. Connoting the textures and materials from ancient China. 2011

Third spread. Connoting the simple colour scheme and profiles on the Tang Dynasty. 2011

Prototype The Prototype is about looking at the human body and learning about body forms as these relate to different forms in clothing articles. It is about learning the skills needed for creating a clothing article and producing it for a specific target group.

Small scale prototype. 3 cuts and pleating 2011

Final design. Inspiration taken from the roman toga 2011

Trend Book This assignment had the aim to create a book that shows three upcoming trend withing the society. I made research in Berlin and Amsterdam to have a clear vision what happens in both cities. By combining the results of both research trips, I chose the 3 strongest trends and presented them. Preface 5

Eastside Gallery, Berlin

Example for an Index Layout 2012

Conclusion 12

DeWastetation 6/7

NeoNeon 8/9

Structurmize 10/11

Structurmize ‘In a time where everything is possible, people do not know what to do.’ The ‘Generation Maybe’ it is called. To make proper decisions becomes harder The German newspaper the more options there are. ‘Welt’ discusses this phenomenon. The Generation So actually the chance to born in the 80s have a giant fulfil dreams in life becomes more and more difficult. pool of possibilities for their life. Raised in the time Companies realised this problem of the generation of technology , people are overstrained. With so many 80s and react with their marketing. ways to go and to chose it is hard to make a decision. ‘Marlboro’’ refers to this topic with new slogan: Maybe something better will come soon. They state: “ Don’t be a Maybe!’. When people feel lost in their own world a clear structure helps to not lose the track.

TOP The personal organization becomes more and more important. As an agenda contains a part of it’s owner, they are designed to appeal interest of specific groups.

BOTTOM Two seats in front of a shop. When there is no certainty in what is happening clear guides and rules help to know what to do. Here it is written what to do and how to use a specific object.

Spread withing the trend book. 2012

BOTTOM ‘Schwesterherz’ is a shop in Berlin with everything for the household. Although there are thousands of articles in the shop, a logical structure and organization create a clear environment for the customer.

RIGHT ‘Labo.Art’ is a Milan based fashion shop with one store in Berlin. “The piece-dyed collections are separated by their colour to create structure for the ‘Viewer’.”, the designer Ludovica Dilligu explains.

But it is not only the ‘Generation Maybe who is seeking for a structured life. In times of the ongoing global crisis people all over the world need a clear structure. That counts for the single housewife to the politics in general. The ‘New York Times’ discusses this topic in the article ‘The Structural Revolution’. They refer to the recession and that the only way out of it is to re-structure the economical and political system. The population of course feels

these tensions and react to that. It has consequences in their appearance but also for their complete lifestyle. Therefore the market reacts with ideas that raise the interest of those who need a guideline or want to simplify their life. Carlo Joest, shop owner of ‘Sterioki’ opened his shop to fulfil people’s need for clarity and structure. The Berlin based shop is a great example for a reaction to the trending aim to live an organized and protective life in times of the financial crisis.


Book // Briefing_Debriefing

The task was to translate a person into a brand. So the given brief was a personal description from which I had to develop a brand. I created a concept, vision & mission, etc based on the brief and successfully turned it into the brand HAMMER. An impulsive and exciting brand that allows it’s audience to express themselves.

Envelop with laminated cut-out & front page



AMMER is all about freedom, letting go and realising one’s dreams. There are ideas and wishes in everybody’s head that need to be set free and realised. HAMMER is the invitation to all those who feel the need to express themselves, no matter what their environment might think about it. Within a society where conformity is the norm, we want to engage openminded and bright people to set themselves free and use their creativity to boost their own life’s quality. Individuality is constantly suppressed, so it is time to care about one’s own personality and start what is really important.


appiness is the ultimate goal in life, so stand up and get your body moving to the rhythm of your heart. These believes stand for HAMMER, the brand that pushes you to selffulfilment.


Enthusiasm is the essence of all cheers & dreams.


f we do not follow our impulses and emotions life would be a depression, so we push you to let go of restrictions and follow your heart.

Transforming impulses into a fantastic vaudeville.


ll goals and dreams we have, can only be achieved with love and enthusiasm. It the driving force for changes and accomplishments.


3D Presentation The 3D presentation’s aim is to create a stand that represents the new fashion concept that was developed in the brand manual / brand book. By using skills from specific 3D tool shops I created a stand that represents the luxurious and organic image of my brand ‘Doused’.

OWN This chapter includes a selection of my own work as photographer and stylist.

Images for product advertisements / 2011 I want to raise interest in a product by just showing it’s imprint and not the product itself

The modern housewife 2011

Images for Design student’s work. Hair / MakeUp / Styling by me. 2012

Images for Design student’s work. Photography / Styling by me. 2012

Jasper Schrรถder


Compendium of my Inspiration & Work

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