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Jason Witt Journalism 371 May 19th 2013 Professor Pearson Freelance Reflection 1 For my first Freelance Assignment I decided to pitch through the popular website Elance. I submitted for a creative writing position involving a video game company located in the United Kingdom. The only weird part about the pitch was that the job offer was very empty. The company’s name was not specified nor was the actual project I would be working on. It was probably one of the most uninformative job offers I had ever seen. Maybe it was because they didn’t want individuals to be all over their company about a position opening up but this really rendered my pitch letter. I wanted to look for the demographic that the company was going to go after but they had no specified age limit for the game I would be writing for. This experience was way different than I had expected. I had never known about the freelance world until today. When I got on Elance and went through all the job posts and freelancers that use that website, I was stunned. I had no idea that freelancing like this ever existed. I was a little picky at what jobs I could pitch to though, there were many other freelancers that pitched to the same job as I did, but they had way more credentials from other jobs that I didn’t have. It’s very true what the book says; the first pitch is always the most difficult pitch. I learned a lot from the experience and will probably

continue to learn throughout these next weeks as we’re exploring these sites and pitching for many upcoming jobs! Freelancing has really opened my mind to new things that I didn’t know about before. I look forward to pitching more and more in the upcoming weeks.

Freelance Reflection 1  
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