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Why You Should Consider Studying Tourism and Travel The travel and tourism industry has been witnessing a series of trends for past few decades. Before exploring career opportunities in this field, it would be wise to take a look at the current standing of this industry. • •

People wish to travel more frequently. Apart from long-stay vacations, they also look forward to weekend getaways. They are more interested in ‘creative tourism. People are looking for authentic experience.

Cruise trips are more popular than ever.

People now expect high service levels, no matter where and for how long they travel. They have zero tolerance for poor services.

Even seniors wish to travel frequently, favoring long stays at quiet and relaxed places.

Travel to exotic destinations and heritage tourism are becoming more popular.

Travel enthusiasts have a number of options available to them. Tour operators who are knowledgeable, convincing and are able to offer them genuine deals can quickly build great business.

Tour and travel professionals with adequate knowledge of destinations, excellent communication and interpersonal skills can build rewarding careers in the industry.

A majority of travellers still rely on holiday packages and planned tours.

Needless to say, tourism and travel industry is booming in all areas, including luxury travel, leisure travel, heritage tourism, creative tourism, weekend getaways and adventure tourism. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of new career opportunities for young adults who are active, knowledgeable, well-trained and can offer expert advice along with making quick travel arrangements. Therefore, aspiring tour and travel professionals must be well versed in world geography for tourism, routine travel agency operations and customer service standards. With this, they must be well trained in booking airline, cruise and ground transportation tickets, helping clients with visa and passport requirements, online ticket booking (transportation, events, shows, etc.), making accommodation arrangements and selling and marketing holiday packages. A tourism and travel program can help interested candidates in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the world of work and build rewarding careers in this field. There are a number of tourism and travel courses available in Canada at different degree levels. However, those who wish to quickly enter the world of work can opt for one-year post-secondary program in travel and tourism. It helps them get a quickie credential to start working in tourism industry. In addition, it also helps them in exploring various career options and more advanced study programs in travel and tourism.

A number of colleges provide post-secondary travel and tourism programs in Canada. However, not all are accredited. They may also not provide practical exposure to students, which is a necessary condition to seek employment in this field. Centennial College’s oneyear post-secondary program is accredited by UNWTO TedQuel. It also trains students on Apollo and Sabre computerized airline reservation systems. Volunteer opportunities for Centennial students also exist at various events in Toronto, such as Walk of Fame, Rendezvous Canada and various trade shows. Interested candidates need to submit their applications with the college along with application fee, a secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. The program graduates can either pursue their careers or enroll themselves in a travel and tourism degree program at the university. For More Information Visit

Why you should consider studying tourism and travel  
Why you should consider studying tourism and travel