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Reasons for Considering a Post-Secondary Certification in Food Service Worker A 15-week centennial’s food service worker program helps you quickly get to the world of work. It begins with classroom lectures and concludes with an arranged work experience field placement in a healthcare setting, giving you an opportunity to apply classroom learning into practice. The program offers a learning experience which meets current government standards and employer requirements. Developed to meet the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care regulations, this program is a right choice for those students who wish to: 

Quickly get to the world of work

Gain familiarity about different diets and health issues concerning healthcare food service

Develop practical understanding of quantity food production and food service in healthcare settings

Understand the principles and standards of diet therapy relating to a variety of illnesses and diseases

Learn various aspects of the food service and nutrition industry and delivery of quality customer service

Gain knowledge and skills to apply for an advanced food and nutrition management program

Gain understanding and skills required to be an effective member of an inter-professional healthcare team

Attain basic minimum qualification to work in foodservice industry

Career Prospects The career prospects are brighter in food service industry than ever. This is because healthcare providers are now looking to enhance their patient care and service standards to survive in a fiercely competitive industry. They are keen on hiring professionals who 

Have a solid understanding of basic therapeutic diets and nutrition, meal service and quantity food production

Can apply diet therapy principles to the assembly of therapeutic meals

Can ensure that the food prepared is free from bacteria and other contaminants

Are capable of carrying out const control techniques while maintaining the quality and nutritional value of the food

Graduates of this program can seek employment in retirement homes, hospitals, long term care facilities, food service contractors, acute care facilities and healthcare cafeterias in various areas including 

Quantity food preparation

Food service

Customer service


Nutrition and sanitation practices

Program Details The post-secondary program in food service runs for 15 weeks and incorporates an eleven-week, three-day-per-week- full-time classroom learning dealing with theoretical aspects and a fourweek, two-days-per-week arranged placement to gain practical hands-on experience in foodservice. It covers various subjects including, the role of food service worker, workplace communications, safety and sanitation, nutrition in healthcare, kitchen equipment and food preparation. The graduates of this program demonstrate the ability to: 

Communicate the role of nutrition

Apply the principles of human nutrition to food production

Provide a safe and healthy dietary environment

Adhere to government and departmental regulations related to food safety

Implement cooking principles and techniques in the preparation of large quantities of various foods

Centennial College’s food service worker program is based on the guidelines developed by members of Dieticians of Canada and the Ontario Society of Nutrition Management. The graduates of this program can choose to either pursue their careers or opt for further studies at the college to earn a food service degree. In order to apply for this course, they will need: 

Secondary school diploma or equivalent

English Grade 12 C (or Workplace Level)

Annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening

Mask fit testing provided by the college

Reasons for considering a post secondary certification in food service worker  

A 15-week post-secondary food service program offers a quickie credential to students to begin a career in the food service industry.

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