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Join The Finance Sector as a Payroll Manager Employees want to be paid for their services in a timely and organized manner, with no mistakes in their earnings. That’s where payroll management comes in. The people who embark on this career ensure the accuracy of preliminary and final payroll reports, time sheets and spreadsheets. They also distribute funds, respond to inquires and requests for data or reports as well as provide timely and accurate payroll production. These are all tasks that leave no room for error. Therefore, the proper training and in-depth knowledge in Payroll Management is essential. The outcome of payroll management training should see professionals become comfortable with a very specific set of skills. Performing multiple, technical tasks at the same time is an important required skill. Many times, payroll managers are dealing with a variety of inquires while, at the same time, arranging payment for employees or handling something else. Therefore, they must remain highly organized and comfortable with multitasking. Other important functions of the job include: using software applications as well as performing accounting procedures and standard bookkeeping. Due to the accounting aspect of payroll management, professionals must be able to use QuickBooks and other such programs efficiently, as well as have an aptitude for number. Along with a familiarity of numbers, payroll managers should be able to perform algebra and geometry, read technical information, facilitate group discussions, meet deadlines and schedules, and solve practical problems. However, before potential future payroll managers can apply to Centennial College’s two-semester training in Payroll Management, they must meet some prerequisites. As this is a Graduate Certificate program, proof of successful completion of a post secondary advanced diploma is mandatory. The school will also consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience. This offer is open to all disciplines. During the admissions process, an interview, transcript and resume review may be required. English proficiency will also be considered. Once a student is accepted, he or she will study a curriculum that was created by Centennial College, in association with the Canadian Payroll Association. As a result, qualified students are eligible to earn both the “Payroll Compliance Practitioner” and the “Certified Payroll Manager” professional designation granted by the Association. Aside from this important feature, the Payroll Management program at Centennial also prepares students for work as Payroll Clerks or Officers, Payroll and Benefits Clerks or Administrators and Payroll Accountant in every sector of the Canadian economy. This is achieved through the use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with a focus on developing project management, teamwork, and report writing and presentation skills. Lastly, because trained professionals teach the program, students are guaranteed to get the latest information about emerging trends and issues in payroll management, such as the use of promising technologies and changing legislative requirements. This knowledge will set graduates of the Payroll Management program on the right path to success in the Canadian economy.

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Payroll Management  
Payroll Management  

However, before potential future payroll managers can apply to Centennial College’s two-semester training in Payroll Management, they must m...