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Obtain Professional Honda Technician Training From  Centennial

When it comes to automobiles, Honda is regarded as one of the most innovative and eco­ friendly makers. If you're interested in becoming an automotive service technician and specializing in Acura  and Honda products, Centennial College in Toronto offers a perfect program to get you  started.   Their   Automotive   Service   Technician   Acura/Honda   Apprenticeship   program  provides   you   the   best   of   both   worlds:   classroom   training   and   work   experience   with   an   Acura/Honda employer. Centennial's   program   is   considered   a   modified   apprenticeship   program   or   MAP.   Unlike  traditional apprenticeship programs that require you to obtain employment before you can  take courses, the MAP allows you to interview for a spot in the program. This particular  program   offers   you   longer   and   more   in­depth   technical   knowledge   than   traditional  programs. It's set up like any job, so if you pass the interview process successfully, you will  be granted a spot in the program where you will gain automotive knowledge and work for a  Honda Canada employer. Every   eight   weeks,   you'll   alternate   between   classroom   study   and   working   for   a   Honda  employer for a total of 32 weeks with each. The school portion of this program is held at  Centennial's Ashtonbee campus, which is the largest on­site transportation training facility  in   Canada.   For   32­weeks,   you'll   study   core   courses   including:   Drive   Train   Systems,  Electrical/Electronic   &   Fuels,   Engine   Systems,   Work   Practices   and   Procedures   and  Suspension/Steering and Brake Systems. The best part about any apprenticeship program is that you get to apply your classroom  knowledge to the workplace right away. You'll be treated just like a regular employee and   get paid for all the work you put in. The classroom knowledge that you learn will give you an advantage because you'll learn   specialized skills that relate directly to Acura and Honda products.

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Onta r io, Canada Tel: 416-289-5000, Email: Page 1

Honda is synonymous with innovation, green technology and advancement; it's also more  Canadian than you might think. This company employs over 4,300 Canadians nationwide  and purchases over $1.1 billion in goods from Canadian suppliers annually. Honda Canada   manufacturing has enjoyed a successful 25 years of operation. While the company has a   long lineup of cars, Canadians have embraced the Ontario­made Civic and made it the top  passenger car sold for 13 years running! This company also prides itself on its commitment  to energy efficient practices. Its Canadian plant recycles 99 per cent of its product waste— the first in North America to be able to make this claim.   From hybrid cars to dealerships  powered by wind turbines, this world­class company is regarded as one of the most fuel­ efficient car companies, and is continually looking for the next innovation that produces a  quality product while maintaining nature's delicate balance. If automotive training and working for a company that's cutting edge appeals to you, starting  a career as a Honda technician may be your perfect fit. This program is offered in all three  academic semesters (fall, winter, summer) so you can start your career when you're ready.  To find out more about what this program offers you, discover more here.

Author: Jason White

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Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Onta r io, Canada Tel: 416-289-5000, Email: Page 2

Obtain Professional Honda Technician Training From Centennial  

The write-up presents in-brief the success of Honda Canada automobiles over the years. Centennial's Honda Technician Training program offers...

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