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Necessity of College Education Today, the importance of a college education cannot be disputed. Any professional field  requires you to have some sort of post­secondary education, whether it’s in the form of a  degree, a diploma, a certificate or some other sort of accreditation. In fact, a survey was  conducted around the world about the significance of a college degree in the corporate   field. You may be surprised to know that a college degree affects your salary by a 60 per  cent   increment.   Even   with   these   statistics,   situations   exist   that   may   hinder   you   from   obtaining a college education. Luckily, there are solutions to many of these problems.  These solutions are facilitated by the government and educational bodies, which ensure  that those who a want to receive an essential college education, have the opportunity to.  One situation that may make you reconsider college is finances. Times are tough and  having enough money to pay for college is difficult. However, many institutions, such as  Centennial   College   in   Toronto,   Ontario   offer   financial   aid,   as   well   as   grants   and  scholarships.   This   will   ease   the   financial   burden.   There   are   also   professionals   at   the  school who can walk you through the steps of the application, making applying for student  financial aid easy. Another reason you may think you are not able to attend school is that  you have not completed your secondary education. Centennial College offers courses to  help you receive these academic credits so that you can enter the program of your choice  quickly.   These   programs   include:   English   for   Academic   Purposes,   General   Arts   and  Science   and   others.   Also,   internationally   educated   professionals   can   also   enter   the  Canadian   industry   with   courses  for  specifically   designed   to   help   them  bridge   the   gap  between their home country and Canada. Centennial   College   is   an   excellent   choice   as   it   was   the   first  community   college  in  Ontario with a long history of training professionals through full­time, part­time, degree,  co­op,   fast   track,   international   and   various   other   study   programs.  The   school   offers   programs in the areas of: Business, Communications, Media and Design; Community and   Health; Engineering Technology and Applied Science; Hospitality Tourism and Culture as   well as Transportation. No matter what School of study you are most interested in, you will  receive a theoretical and practical education that is applied by qualified instructors who  have field experience. 

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Common admission   requirements   for   diploma   or   certificate   programs   at   Centennial  College include at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent.  You may also be considered if you are at least 19 years  of age. Centennial’s academic  requirements state that you must have completed the compulsory English 12C or U credit  or a skills assessment. However, these are just two of the common requirements. Please  note   that   requirements   do   vary   from   program   to   program   and   it   is   best   to   visit   the  Centennial College Program database to learn more.  Author: Jason View Source:  Centennial College – Degree Programs, College Education

Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Onta r io, Canada Tel: 416-289-5000, Email: Page 2

Necessity of College Education  
Necessity of College Education  

The article focuses on the need of a college education, which can offer a wide range of opportunities to make your future bright and secure....