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F ine a rts education at Centennial makes you unique! Fine arts education offers students the chance to show their talent in art exhibitions. Under the umbrella of Centennial College are School of Fine Art, School of Painting, School of Design, School of Architecture, School of Humanities, College of City Design as well as School of Continuing Education and Fine Art. F ine Arts Studio is a challenging, intimate and atelier-style (immersion-based) program focused on drawing, painting and sculpting media. In this unique program you’ll be inspired by the masters but find your own voice. There are many opportunities in this line. Graduates of this program find new careers as exhibiting artists or in the visual art industries including film animation, illustration and design. Drawing skills are at the heart of and essential to success in all the visual art industries. A fine art is full of talent and artistic vision. The insight of life is shown through their art. Students are taught to develop the uniqueness. In this technical era, fine arts education is solacing. It makes you stop for a minute and have a glance over it. Students will develop advanced skills and work independently and nurture a lifetime growth as a professional visual artist and storyteller. Students are bound to develop their skills more meaningfully; with perfect insight The dedicated staff will help students to the fullest. Students and long with learning, students develop artistic vision towards life itself. You’ll be encouraged to develop personal directions and approaches to develop your own unique voice and style in visual storytelling with support and mentorship. Centennial graduates can begin their job search with a comprehensive portfolio of on-the-job experience that many employers demand, to go along with their degree -- it’s a potent combination that companies can’t ignore. The Centre for Creative Communications provides hands-on and career-driven Diploma and Certificate Programs designed for high school graduates including: Advertising  Art + Design Foundation Studies  Broadcasting + Film  Digital Animation  Fine Arts Studio Game Design + Development  Graphic Design - Media


Summa ry:This write up speaks a lot about fine arts and their importance. Different branches are offered at Centennial College. These arts help students to develop uniqueness. For more information on fine arts education & course details

Fine arts education at Centennial makes you unique!