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Benefits Management Prepares You For An Employee­ Centered Field As   a   working   Canadian,   you   know   the   importance   of  investing   money   in   a   wise   manner,  saving for retirement and knowing your rights when it comes to benefits and wages at your  job. To help you learn everything you need to know about any of the above are  benefits  management professionals.  Job   titles   in   this   field   include:   analysts   and   researchers,   consultants,   labour   relations  coordinators and salary/ wage analysts. Benefits professionals can be hired virtually into any   company, especially larger organizations with benefit and pension plans. Depending on your  title, you may be involved in a number of things. For one, benefits professionals help to plan   and   gather   the   necessary   documents   that   ensure   people   know   exactly   where   their   hard­ earned money is going and what will happen once it is invested. In addition, they prepare   annual government returns and help in tax reporting and loan processing. Lastly, they may  analyze the wages a company pays its employees to make sure that they are adequate to the   jobs being performed at a specific company. But, essentially, the job boils down to helping a  person to ensure that his or her investment incurs optimum profits. If you have already completed a post­secondary diploma or degree program, the benefits  management undertaking at Centennial College may be the right option for you. This two­ semester   Graduate   Certificate   program   teaches   students   from   the   industry   leading   CEBS  curriculum,   which   includes   graduate   level   instruction   in   course   such   as   Compensation  Concepts   and   Principles,   Group   Benefits,   Contemporary   Organizational   Behavior,  Fundamentals   of   Project   Management,   Personal   Taxation,   Strategic   HRM   and   Total  Compensation, Total Benefits Learning Lab and Retirement Plans.  In addition, the benefits management program examines emerging trends and issues in the  field   such   as   changing   legislative   requirements.   Also,   as   with   all   Centennial   College  programs, students benefit from practical practice such as case studies, simulations, project­ based learning with a focus on developing project management, teamwork, report writing and  presentation skills.  Qualified   students  are   eligible  to  earn   the   certified  employee   benefits  specialist  (CEBS),  group benefits associate (GBA) and retirement plans associate (RPA) designations granted by  Dalhousie University and the IFEBP. Additional fees are payable to the IFEBP to be eligible to  write external exams to obtain the professional designations. Exam fees are payable directly  to the IFEBP. Students enrolled full­time in the Pensions and Benefits Management Program  may be eligible for discounted exam fees. In order to apply to this useful benefits management program, you must submit an official  transcript that demonstrates proof of successful completion of a post secondary advanced 

diploma or   degree   program.   In   some   cases,   Centennial   College   will   consider   applicants  presenting a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience,  open   to   all   disciplines.   Also   required   are   an   interview   and   resume   as   well   as   English  proficiency.  Author:  Jason White Source: Centennial College

Benefits Management Prepares You For An Employee-Centered Field  
Benefits Management Prepares You For An Employee-Centered Field  

Benefits management involves offering employees of companies information and assistance with issues such as group benefits, wages, as well a...