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Communications Training at Centennial College Includes Social Media “What   we   try   to   do   is   hone   your   skills   so   we   can   get   you   connected   to   the   world   of   public   relations/   corporate   communications   in   the   Toronto   market,   which   is   a   highly   competitive   market,”   says   Christine   Smith,   the   program   coordinator for Centennial College’s public relations/ communications training. “Like most college programs, we do have  an eight­week field placement. One of the neat things about our field placement is that it is in the final eight weeks of their   two­semester program. Our program is probably one of the leading­edge PR programs that’s incorporating social media.   When they leave, they’ll have a portfolio that shows everything from a news release to their own blog to producing an   event with a team. More importantly, they can go to their employers and say, ‘I can advise you on social media.’” Let’s   take   a   closer   look   at   the   Centennial   College  Public   Relations   Program  (officially   known   as   Corporate  Communications   and   Public   Relations)   based   on   Christine’s   description.   The   one­year   program   is   geared   towards  graduate students. Therefore, applicants are required to possess an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful  completion of a post­secondary diploma or degree program. Applicants will also be required to attend an information   session that includes writing and editing exercises and will have to submit a portfolio of writing and a resume. Those who   can present a combination of partial post­secondary education (two year minimum) and relevant work experience may  also be considered for Centennial College’s Communications Training. Once in the undertaking, students learn to research, write, plan, edit, design and implement everything from strategic  communications   plans   and   employee   newsletters   to   gala   dinners   for   hundreds   of   people.   They   also   learn   to   create   communications strategies that influence employee attitudes, shift stockholders’ opinions and tell an organization’s story  to the media. Specific corporate communications courses covered in the program include: Public Relations Writing (in a   writing   lab   using   computers,   students   practice   writing   news   and   feature   stories   typically   found   in   internal   corporate   publications,   news   releases   for   the   media,   fact   sheets,   backgrounders,   and   reports);   Media   Relations   (developing  familiarity with media directories, creating targeted media lists, pitching stories to the media, monitoring media coverage,   framing answers to questions from the media and designing special events to attract media attention are examined and  practiced); Design and Layout (students develop visual sensibilities based on the fundamentals of effective design); and   more. In addition to the in­school corporate communications courses, students in communications training participate in an eight­ week field placement. This placement offers them the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learned within the program  and to get a glimpse at the field they will enter upon graduating from the public relations program. According to an April 2009 survey on, the median salary for a PR manger is $65,959. Author : Jason White  View Source : Centennial College : Communication Skill Training

Communications Training at Centennial College Includes Social Media  

If you want to get connected to the public relations (PR) industry and study a field that’s full of variety, then the public relations progr...

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