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Centennial College offers Hospitality Management Program In today's competitive job market, employers are seeking to hire graduates that are highly specialized and well trained. You can't afford to waste your time with an education that won’t help you get the job you want. At Centennial College, all our programs are geared for success. As part of your program, you will not only learn how to use the latest cutting edge tools, but you will also learn how to apply the latest principles from business professionals. To compliment your classroom learning, you will also get hands-on experience in the labs. Centennial's staff not only believe in providing students with the best teaching experience possible, but also to offer the best guidance and career advice. Program Overview The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) anticipates that the food and beverage services sector will grow to employ 1.95 million people by 2015. The CTHRC has also reported that 68% of employees within this sector are young Canadians. Centennial College offers hospitality management program to empower students. Centennial College?s two-year Food & Beverage Management diploma program will prepare you for a challenging and satisfying career in restaurant operations management. You will learn skills essential to this segment of the industry, including menu managemen t and design, kitchen management, beverage knowledge and bartending. In addition, you will also spend two days per week in a placement at a restaurant or hotel. This placement will give you the practical experience to complement the theory learned in class. Admission Requirements Centennial College expects students applying for admission to certificate or diploma programs to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Academic Requirements •Compulsory English 12C or U skills assessment, or equivalent The qualification requirements and costs for each external accreditation, designation, certification or recognition are set by the granting body and not by Centennial College. In order to qualify for any of those external accreditations, designations, certification or recognition, students and graduates will need to follow the processes and meet the applicable requirements listed on the websites and materials of those external bodies.

Centennial College offers Hospitality Management Program  

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