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Centennial College is One of Toronto's Standout Community  Colleges

Reputation is one of the things to look at when deciding between community colleges. If  you want to attend an institution that can lay claim to being the first community college in   the province of Ontario, your only choice is Centennial College. Located in the east end of  Toronto,   the   college   has   four   centrally   located   campuses   that   are   easily   accessible   by  public transportation or vehicle.  One of the unique things about this  community college  is that each campus caters to a  different School of study. This allows the campuses to be fully­equipped with exactly what is  needed for students to learn academically and participate in practical exercises that result in  them heading into their chosen field with hands­on experience. For example, Ashtonbee  Campus   primarily   houses   programs   from   the   School   of   Transportation.   It   is   the   largest  transportation training centre in Ontario and boasts fully­equipped labs that contain donated  cars,   car   parts   and   tools   on   which   students   in   programs   and   apprenticeships   such   as  Alignment and Brake Technician, Autobody Repair Techniques, Transmission Technician,  Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, and even Motorcycle Technician practice. In addition,  there   is  an   airplane  hangar  for  students   of   this  community   college's   aviation   programs.  Meanwhile,   at   the   Centre   of   Creation   Communications,   students   will   find   in­house   TV  studios, art studios, large creative space and more so that they may be able to complete  creativity­based   programs   such   as   Digital   Animation,   Magazine   and   Book   Publishing,  Journalism, Fine Arts Studio, Marketing and Children's Entertainment. Another Centennial  College   campus   is   Morningside.   Nestled   in   the   Rouge   Valley   Conservation   Area,   the  Morningside campus is an environmentally friendly building home to the School of Health   Studies, as well as selected Engineering Technology and Applied Science programs. It,  therefore, is equipped with high­tech computer labs, simulated health clinics, hospital set­ ups,   beauty   salons   and   more   for   students   in   programs   such   as   Nursing,   Esthetician,  Paramedic, Computer and Communications Networking, Medical Robotics and Animation  and more. The final, and largest, campus of this community college is Progress Campus,   from which many of Centennial College's business programs are taught. It is also the site  from which the Hospitality School conducts its training. The Hospitality School has teaching  facilities such as a fully functioning restaurant and conference centre. Specific programs   conducted   out   of   this   campus   include:   Accounting,   Contact   Centre   Operations,   Human  Resources,   Event   Management   –   Festival   and   Conferences,   Cultural   Heritage   and   Site  Management and more.

In total, Centennial College offers more than 95 diploma and certificate programs on a full­ Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada Tel: 416­289­5000, Email: Page 1

time and   Continuing   Education   basis,   which   are   career   oriented.   These   career­oriented  programs  emphasize   practical   experience   with   laboratory   learning,   industry   and   agency  placements, as well as co­op education. The community college supports enrolments of  14,400 full­time students and 28,000 in Continuing Education, which offers 160 programs  with over 1,200 courses and with discussion­oriented classrooms, experience 97 per cent  learner satisfaction. Author: Jason White

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Address: Centennial College, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto M1K 5E9, Ontario, Canada Tel: 416­289­5000, Email: Page 2

Centennial College is One of Toronto's Standout Community Colleges  
Centennial College is One of Toronto's Standout Community Colleges  

When choosing a community college, one should consider its reputation, range of programs, possible learning outcomes and more. Centennial Co...