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Centennial college offers professional Architectural technologist program

From the giant pencil crayons hoisting up Toronto’s OCAD building to Daniel Libeskind’s ROM crystal and the  19th  century buildings that inhabit the distillery district, there’s no denying that Toronto has gained a unique  architectural imprint.  If you’re interested in building onto the city’s landscape, architectural technology can help you get there. The   architectural  technologist   transforms the design   ideas  of  architects into  real­life,  workable  building  designs  using   drafting  software.  Beyond   the design   process  they  also   have  a role  in   the  budget   of  a  project   and  inspecting the work of builders. Because of the practical role the architectural technologist plays, colleges offer  the best programs to prepare you for this career. As an architectural technologist, you will work directly with  architects,   builders,   contractors   and   engineers   to   design   the   next   building   that   will   become   a   part   of   the  cityscape. If you’re researching schools in Toronto, Centennial College’s accredited programs stand out because they  offer a three­year Architecture program that is recognized by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board  (CTAB). This significant recognition enables graduates to join the Association of Architectural Technologists of  Ontario (AATO) and the Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS).  As   an   technologist,   you’ll   be   linked   right   to   the   architectural   world,   so   you   will   have   the  chance   to   study  mathematics for architecture, physics, drafting, design and CAD projects. This College’s overall commitment to  green,   environmentally   sustainable   practices   translates   directly   into   its   programs.   The   Architectural  Technologist   program   features   an   environmental   program   every   semester   to   incorporate   the   industry’s  emphasis on sustainable building concepts. This environmental focus allows graduates to obtain LEED status  through membership with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).  To discover more about how you can launch an architecture career, you can discover more about the career  path and this program here. 

Centennial college offers professional Architectural technologist program  

Centennial college offers professional Architectural technologist program If you’re researching schools in Toronto, Centennial College’s acc...

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