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An edging over education at Centennial College The computers have become an unavoidable part of life. It is better to be computer literate as early as possible. Computer networking is powerful tool in corporate segment. There are many colleges and institutes imparting computer education. Centennial College offers a variety of courses in computer and business communication. As our life is becoming more computer dependent, the jobs related to computer networking also are in great demand. We use computer in every step of our life. Centennial College offers every computer related course preparing the students absolutely ready for the jobs. We need to understand business communication thoroughly in the corporate environment. Though English has been spoken at international level, Business communication is entirely different. Centennial College offers Business Communication course also. Imparting the education in the best manner, Centennial College offers holistic development of students. Centennial offers degree as well as short term courses also. Computer networking and business communication will be a lethal combination to win jobs in the market. Centennial College is the only post-secondary institution in Ontario to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Communication Networking. It offers a unique blend of technology and business subjects with an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds that employers are looking for. All courses are offered at Centennial’s hi-tech, award-winning Centennial Science and Technology Centre Campus. Highly qualified full-time faculty has industry experience hence learning will be unique experience in this Centennial College. All courses are offered at Centennial’s hi-tech, award-winning Centennial Science and Technology Centre Campus. The state-of-the-art laboratories are specially engineered for the curriculum. And the curriculum is very much student inclined. Small classes ensure individual attention. There is a focus on diversity, equity and a safe learning environment at Centennial College. International students are taken care of by the faculty cordially. The courses offered here at Centennial College are as follow:Computer Architecture Computer Networking Fundamentals English and Communication Skills Logic and Problem-solving Strategies (Liberal Studies) Discrete Mathematics 1 (Liberal Studies) Economics (Liberal Studies) Operating Systems Fundamentals Software Development: Programming Fundamentals Database Design & Modeling Ethics (Liberal Studies) Marketing of Services

Statistics & Research Methods (Liberal Studies) Communication Technology Organizational & Client Relationships Principles of Computer & Networking Security Project Management 1 Systems Analysis & Design Voice Systems & Services Wireless Networks Entrepreneurship in the New Economy Professional Elective Management of Change & Innovation Enterprise Network Design Advanced Network Troubleshooting Business Consulting Integrative Project in Vertical Markets Professional Elective LAN: Switching and Routing Marketing of Services Voice Systems & Services Synopsis Computer and Communication Networking is a full fledged four year bachelor-degree course in Applied Information Sciences. It is the only bachelor's degree course in Computers available in Ontario, with one of the best theoretical as well as practical guidance along with supervised computer networking training. For more information on computer networking t raining visit

An edging over education at Centennial College