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Business Administration and human resources management at Centennial Business Administration and Human Resource Management are two weapons needed to run any kind of business. Business Administration empowers each student with hard core knowledge of business rules and also skills needed for future. Students will have an extensive background in the areas of finance, marketing, human resource, the ability to communicate and integrate. Successful organizations have realized selection, development, and retention of human resources are keys to present and future success.

People are the heart of any organization, the better staff they have, and the better achievement  they go for. To manage this human resource Human resource management persons are needed.  The need to employ advanced human resources techniques, especially within large organizations, is more beneficial. The knowledge, experience and approachability of the program faculty are factors in equipping with the tools and skills necessary to enter the human resources profession. Centennial College offers all these qualities. Centennial College prepares the future leaders in business very strategically. Students will be well equipped when they come out of these programs in to job market.

In today’s highly competitive business world, success depends on hiring the right persons and  training them according to the company values and to help them achieve goals.  The program educates the student with the opportunity to get a general background in business concepts and expertise in the Human Resources field. Recruiting, training, benefits, occupational health and safety, labor relations, leadership, motivational techniques are responsibilities of Human Resource Management Centennial College has a unique approach to train the students in Business Administration and H uman Resource M anagement. Students will develop expertise in all major areas of human resource management such as human planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, employee training and development, occupational health and safety, compensation and benefits, employee relations, labor relations and human resource management systems. The courses offered at Centennial are:Business Fundamentals Mathematics of Finance Strategies for Business Success Business Operations Global Citizenship: from Social Analysis to Social Action P Microcomputer Applications Software 2 Business Communications Human Resource Management

International Business Concepts Principles of Marketing Business Ethics Employment Law Organizational Behavior Summa ry:This article throws light upon the admission and responsibilities of Business Administration and Human Resource Management. And also shows how important it is to hire right candidates for the organization. For More details on business administration and human resources management courses visit

Business Administration and human resources management at Centennial