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Building a Career in Marketing – Sales Account Management The marketing - sales and account managers are responsible for acquiring and maintaining relationships with key client accounts. They actively seek out new clients as well as generate new business from the existing clients. The typical work activities of sales account managers include: • •

Maintaining and retaining existing customers (key/major accounts) by building long-term relationships with them Responding to all the queries, inquiries, sales requests and cancellation requests of customers within a specified timeframe

Meeting with prospective clients and building relationships with them

Educating clients about the benefits of company offerings

Reminding clients for the renewal of services or upgrading their existing plans

Informing clients about new launches and their benefits

Communicating with clients whenever necessary

However, the exact job roles and responsibilities may vary widely depending upon the employment, type of industry they work in, and individual qualification, skills and experience. On the whole, sales accounts managers are responsible for delivering a positive customer service experience, by guiding them and providing them right information and offering them prompt services. Career Prospects The professionals can find employment practically in every industry. However, the majority of professionals are employed with advertising and marketing companies, internet services companies, hardware and software vendors, packaged goods companies, auto ancillaries, medical and dental technology firms, retail companies, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies and others. They can work as key account managers, key account executives, commercial sales representatives, sales specialists, technical sales representatives, sales consultants and sales coordinators, inside sales representatives or territory sales representatives. Most midto-large sized companies employ sales account management professionals for their B2B (business-to-business) sales and marketing operations. The job prospects in this field are bright. However, most employers prefer to hire individuals with solid foundation in fundamentals of selling, marketing, project management, and account development and management and strong negotiation, presentation and communication skills. They should also have relevant experience in dealing with clients and handling key accounts. Marketing – Sales and Account Management Program Canada

Education in marketing – sales and account management can help individuals obtain understanding and skills required to build rewarding careers or advance their careers in this field. Centennial College’s one-year, post-graduate sales account management program in Toronto helps gain solid foundation in the intricacies of acquiring and maintaining relationships with major client accounts in a very short period of time. It’s a comprehensive program that combines classroom learning, an extensive use of learner-centered approaches including role plays, simulation and cases, with a focus on developing selling, presentation and negotiation skills and a sales and account management placement. The sales account management program covers a wide range of subjects including • Marketing • Case analysis and marketing metrics • Marketing analysis and planning • Fundamentals of selling • Fundamentals of project management • B2B marketing • Strategic account development • Sales and account management • Business ethics and negotiation skills • Sales force automation and technology The program also provides students with hands-on-training using sales force automation software. Enrolment Guide In order to apply for this program, applicants will need: • •

College diploma or university degree in any discipline Relevant work experience (for candidates with education)

Proof of English proficiency

Graduates of this program can choose to either pursue their careers or enrol in a university degree program for further studies.


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Building a career in marketing – sales account management  
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