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Account Management Program Offers Mature Learning Environment Are you already employed in the business world but are considering a career change into Marketing – Sales   and   Account   Management?   If   so,   there   are   a   few   things   to   consider   when   choosing   a  sales   account  management program. First and foremost, does the offering get you into the field quickly? Secondly, is the  environment   in   which   you   will   study   focused   on   offering   networking   opportunities?   Thirdly,   what   type   of  practical experience is provided in the account management program? The   right   answers   to   all   of   these   questions   can   be   found   within   Centennial   College’s   sales   account  management   program,   officially   known   as   Marketing   –   Sales   and   Account   Management.   Taking   just   two  semesters to complete, the offering fosters a mature learning environment as it is geared towards those who  have already completed a college or university credential. Additionally, the account management program is  housed at Progress Campus. This location also facilitates other offerings from the School of Business, allowing  for peer­to­peer interactions.  Priding itself on a learner­centered approach, the sales account management program uses techniques such  as role playing, simulation and case studies that focus on developing selling, negotiating and presentation  skills. Hands­on training using sales force automation software rounds out training. Additional practical practice  comes in the form of a sales account management program field placement that sees students applying what  they have learned and gaining  new  knowledge from industry professionals.  During this time, students are  actually ‘employed’ in companies at which they may be hired upon graduation. Specific   courses   within   the   sales   account   management   program   include:   Case   Analysis   and   Marketing  Metrics, Marketing Analysis and Planning, Fundamentals of Selling, Fundamentals of Project Management,  Employment   Preparedness,   B2B   Marketing,   Strategic   Account   Development,   Sales   and   Account  Management, Business Ethics and Negotiation Skills, Sales and Force Automation and Technology and others  such as Marketing (provides an overview of contemporary marketing, emphasizing the management of the  product/service, price, promotion and distribution areas of an organization within a changing environment) and  Business Presentations (intended to provide a solid grounding in the important business communication area). As this  account management program  results in an Ontario College Graduate Certificate,  applicants are  required to possess a degree or diploma in another area of study. In addition, they must submit an official   transcript   demonstrating   proof   of   successful   completion   of   a   post­secondary   advanced   diploma   or   degree  program. Lastly, students may be required to conduct an interview with officials, submit a resume and undergo  an English and/or math skills assessment. This field deals with acquiring and maintaining relationships with major client accounts in business­to­business  organizations that have their own sales force. This especially applies to companies that are mid­to­large in  size.   Job  titles   include:   Account   Executive,   Sales   Consultant,   Commercial   Sales   Representative,   Sales  Specialist, Technical Sales Representative, Sales Coordinator, Inside Sales Representative, Territory Sales  Representative and Key Account Manager. 

Account Management Program Offers Mature Learning Environment  

Are you already employed in the business world but are considering a career change into Marketing – Sales and Account Management? If so, the...

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