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Jason Vijil Business Development Manager

Jason Vijil Jason Vijil has enjoyed a long career as a marketing expert and salesman. Today, he works for building materials producer Nudo Products, covering five midwestern states as a Business Development Manager. To succeed at this job, Vijil has had to call upon all of his communication skills and industry knowledge in order to be a useful resource to Nudo’s executives. Vijil continually analyzes the market and industry in order to generate leads and manage current accounts. “Product training and client support are also key [responsibilities] within this position,” he says.

Jason Vijil Jason Vijil has to ensure that Nudo Products has the room and ability to grow and find more successful accounts throughout the region and the rest of the United States. He now covers five states, helping clients there get the services and products they need to be successful themselves. Ensuring customer success using their products is a key component of his job because nothing sells Nudo Products like successful organizations using them.

Jason Vijil Jason Vijil exceeded his budgeted sales number in his first year on the job as the Business Development Manager for Nudo Products and he’s well on his way to exceeding it again this year, his second on the job.

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Jason Vijil

Jason vijil business development manager  
Jason vijil business development manager  

Jason Vijil was an account executive at Ricoh USA, where Jason Vijil specialized in business-to-business sales of Information Technology and...