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J a s o n Va l e n d y

Disciple of Jesus, Son, Husband, Father, Teacher, Culture Maker, Dreamer, Pursuer of Wisdom, Crusader, Revivalist, Blogger, Hopeful, Cultivator of Past and Seeker of the Holy Spirit


By the Numbers

Abridged Biography

29 2004 Age; Born April 30, 1982

Like many couples, my parents had different denominational backgrounds and found a compromise in the United Methodist Church. Additionally, no one could have anticipated that when they joined FUMC of Keller, both Year achieved B.A. in Political of their sons would find their future spouses Science from Saint Mary’s in the youth group and begin dating in High University; San Antonio School.


Upon graduating from Keller High School, I attended St. Mary’s University where I was the only protestant, to that point, hired to work in the campus ministry department. I was trained to be a communion server and a sacristan (keeper of the two chapels on campus). As much as I loved my Roman Year achieved Masters of Divinity at Brite at TCU (also Catholic experience, I really loved Estee more and decided that marriage to her when Judah Valendy was trumped a call into the priesthood. born)

7 6

Years married to Estee

The first two years out of college, I served as youth minister at Meadowbrook UMC in Fort Worth. It was at Meadowbrook that I discovered a passion for teaching the things I was learning in Seminary. My time at Meadowbrook ended when I was offered to serve as youth minister at Arlington Heights UMC, which I accepted and have been serving there ever since. While my role at AHUMC has changed over the years, it has been the past three years of working as an associate minister with a focus on evangelism, hospitality to guests, preaching/teaching and becoming a culture maker that has brought me the most joy in my call.

Years as an appointed minister The following pages are just an insight into how I understand my call as well as in the Central Texas ways in which I have lived that understanding out. Conference

1 Times elected at class clown

You can see and download additional copies of this portfolio at:

Conference Service

My Call

District Youth coordinator

CTCYM Board member

Worship assistant at 2004 General Conference

Young Adult Fall Summit Leadership Team

Global AIDS Task Force

District Committee on Ministry

Frontier Church Conference speaker

Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation Leadership Team member

TCU Wesley Board Member

My understanding of my call is perhaps best expressed as “culture maker”. The Biblical witness is clear that God creates. This is what God does and everyone is made in the image of God. As such, I feel deeply called to be a co-creator with God (Eph. 2:10) and work to create a specific culture. Jesus used the phrase “Kingdom of God” to a people who knew what it was like to live under an actual king as a way to describe the pervasiveness of God in this world. The best way I know to talk about this same idea to those of us who do not live under an actual king, is to use the phrase the “Culture of God”. Children of God are called to be cultivators and creators of the Culture of God (Gen 1:26) and my call is rooted in equipping people do just that. I am influenced by the Marshal McLuhan idea that “the medium is the message”. What this means is the actual medium you use to convey a message is louder than the actual content of the message. The character of Martin Luther King Jr. was louder than the content of any of his speeches. This is why I could not preach the “I Have a Dream” speech and have it carry the same weight, even though I am using the same words. The medium of Dr. King is the message of his dream. You might be able to see why, as one who is called to be a culture maker, it does not make sense to submit a traditional resume. The document you are reading is a medium that expresses the message of a culture maker louder than any words I would express. The final page of this portfolio will highlight some examples of how I have lived out my call.

Culture Making Examples

A quarterly publication created for the purpose of quickly sharing ideas in books.

A meal-based micro-granting initiative for philanthropic organizations and projects.

My nametag. Created to engage people in the community in conversation. Different words can be written into the space to invite conversation.

The “Idea Store” is an art instillation for Annual Conference in which people are invited to share an idea which the “Idea Store” purchases for a penny. Ideas are for sale to anyone who would like to put their “two cents” in. This instillation is designed to encourage ideas sharing and theological reflection.

Jason Valendy's Portfolio  

Created 2012 - March

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