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Stem Cell Therapy for Oral Surgery Stem Cell Therapy is also called “regenerative treatments because it uses the body’s most essential “raw stuff,” stem cells, to produce or renew new cells that the body needs. Stem cells are “similar” or “unspecialized” cells, meaning that they are “gaps” that can be expanded into another type of cell that is needed to fix or renew injured tissue or aid in swindled tissue mixture. In the musculoskeletal field, stem cell treatment can spur the creation of new bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, fat, and fibrous connective tissue. In oral surgery stems cells can have a great influence on the regenerative and restorative ability of the body to combine grafted bone and soft tissue into the body. In other words, stem cells support the recuperative powers of the body and improve the outcome of complicated oral surgery methods.

What are the benefits of Stem Cell treatment? Patients that have experienced multiple methods have arrived less swelling and post-operative trouble with the use of stem cells. Clinically the soft and hard tissues seem to recover better and faster with the use of this technology.

What Can Stem Cell treatment do? Stem cell treatments can help restore tissue that has been grafted. Stem cell therapy can also improve the healing and decrease post-surgical pain, inflammation, and restorative time.

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Stem Cell Therapy For Oral Surgery  
Stem Cell Therapy For Oral Surgery