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Baruch College ​everyone welcome back to my channel if you haven't been here before my name is Rachel Aust and today I've got another installment in the minimalism series for you so in this video I'm gonna be talking about one of my favorite things which is scheduling and organizing and getting more out of your day if you haven't seen any of my videos before don't forget to hit subscribe because I do upload every week and if you do enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up because it does help me out a lot okay so I'll just explain the reason I'm putting this is part of the minimalism series is because I feel like minimalism encompasses way more areas of your life than just your physical possessions which is what a lot of people seem to think a lot of people think it's about earning as little as possible but it's also about having a good budget it's also about organizing your time you know in a good manner and figuring out how to get more out of your day and do more of the things that you enjoy basically I'm just going to go through my mindset when it does come to writing my own schedule for myself and hopefully that will help you guys figure out your schedule I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions one what do you want to accomplish two what things are important to you and make you happy is it finding more time to spend with your family or friends or is it having time for art or music or having more time to study three what are you going to have to do to get those things and for what unnecessary things are you saying yes to in your day that you probably should be turning down now sort of written a beginner's guide to scheduling if you want to call it that I've got 20 steps here don't worry it sounds like a lot but I've sort of broken them down into your easily manageable tasks your schedule does not have to be as rigid as mine I find that I have to keep mine very organized and even down to minut tasks because otherwise I spend too long and something or not enough time on something else and so this is just the way that I've found works for me if you are new to this and you find that method a little bit overwhelming perhaps you can start by scheduling a couple of things through the week and then you could break that down more into your day and then you can start breaking it down into the hours like I do I know some people see it as like rigid and I guess not fun and really strict and obsessive but for me I find it super relaxing to know that I have a whole schedule there because everything is planned I know what I have to do when know the things that I have to get time and I'm not stressing about forgetting something I also find when I do have a schedule and I stick to it I find more free time throughout my day because I'll get tasks done a little bit quicker than I thought I would you know having that list there I can just quickly zoom through everything and then I've got a little bit time a little bit of time left over for things like videos or photos or you know just whatever I want to create that day this house might be a bit of a big one so if you can't do it for the whole week do it for a few days just record everything that you're doing it doesn't have to be crazy in detail but at least put down a couple of our blocks and find what you're spending your time on because you might find that you're spending tons of time watching TV or you're spending way too long on YouTube this is about figuring out your bad habits and where you're letting your time go to waste I know personally the biggest waste of my time is when I go to our training studio and I workout and then I get stuff sorted for the trainer's and then I end up hanging around for an extra hour talking to them I know that's where I waste my time but at the same time I need to have those bonds with the trainer's because they work for us after you've recorded those few days or that week and you figure out where you're wasting a lot of your time you're going to write a list of all the things that you want to accomplish in this month and do that every month just every month write a list of all the bigger tasks that you want to get done because there's big tasks you can't just do them in one hit usually the things that you have to break down into smaller elements and that way when you are doing your playing and your scheduling it you'll remember that you need to make time to work on those big things that you want to accomplish create a routine try and wake up roughly around the same time each day try to go to bed roughly the same time each day you know of course make some exceptions for yourself but if you can get yourself into a habit of waking up at a certain time getting up having your breakfast like doing your emails or you know just whatever you want to do find a routine for yourself that works plan your day the night or day beforehand so that when it comes through the day you know exactly what you're doing different worries are going to work for different people I switched between different methods depending on how busy my day is going to be so sometimes if it's a pretty relaxed day where I'm you know working at home but I just have a couple of things to do and then I'll be spending like a bulk of my time working on one project I'll just use my phone and I typically use like the iCal calendar because it's pretty simple and I haven't found any others that are to my liking like I've tried so so many different apps and I just end up going back to iCal seesee it seems with my computer easily all that sort of thing and I'll schedule my day in that

and I just make you know time allowances in there of what I want to be doing a way that I've really been liking lately is because it's a new financial year I decided to try out a new method and I got a financial year planner calendar book thing it's like a day to a page and I've just been drawing out my day and also including my to-do list on that page as well so everything is all in the one place schedule your day in block so just think of the time allowances as little blocks that you have to stick to and the tasks that you have to get done should be done in those times allow for interruptions this is a really important one because if you try and schedule every single last minute you're going to fail I guarantee it things come up phone calls meetings running over time traveling someone might take a little longer just allow yourself little exceptions where time doesn't go exactly the way you want it to go the way that I get around this is I try and start my schedule so for example I'll start something at 8 a.m. and I'll finish it at 10 a.m. and the next thing will start at 10 a.m. and go until 11 a.m. because it might not take that full block of an hour or two hours but just in case things run a little bit over a little bit under I have a rough guideline of where I want them to start and stop so if I know that something is going to take me about 45 minutes I'll just put an hour down anyway just in case I have some interruptions put your annoying task first doing the dishes clean the floor whatever whatever you hate doing put that first get it out of the way and you will feel so relieved and you'll stop procrastinating if possible make block allowances for meetings and appointments make block time for your emails I really liked and get back to inbox zero whenever I can is getting harder and harder lately but if you can get to inbox zero which is just like clearing everything out making sure everything is sorted do it I find personally from me the best time to answer emails is it not because then I can answer my emails that's done like I don't have to worry about it and then I can sleep easily lookout time for the exercise you guys always know that I'm gonna tell you to do this because I feel like you need to exercise everybody needs exercise as part of their day and there's no point trying to get all this stuff done be like chasing down your dreams and you know doing whatever with your life if you're not going to even look after your body to be well when you get there have a blocked out time for you to do lists so I really I love writing lists I love it I just I love that satisfaction of where you tick off a task so make sure there's time in your day even if it's just like 20 minutes or something to block off time to do the tasks in your to-do list otherwise those sorts of things will just slip away if you're just starting getting into scheduling and being like pretty strict with how your day is going to go so that you do have more free time set an alarm on the hour every hour just so you can refocus and figure out what you're meant to be doing again because you may find that you'll be doing something and then you fall off track and the next thing you know you're like read it or something so if you have that alarm going on the hour every hour you can refocus check your schedule and get back to what you meant to be doing when you stop work actually stop if you've got a break scheduled in your day try your best to actually take that break if you stop work at night I don't care if it's six o'clock at night or if it's nine o'clock at night if you said you're going to stop work then stop work then don't burn yourself out at the end of each day review your day I don't care whether if you're writing your schedule maybe like ticking across it or something but just go through it and make sure you've gotten a lot of this stuff done if you haven't maybe sit down have a think why would I get this done what did I get interrupted by is that a regular recurrence and how can I prevent it from happening tomorrow now you're also going to write yourself a to-do list so there's a few different ways you can do this which leads into my next tip which is find the way that this works for you I even change mine depending on my mood you know just whatever I have to do in that day so some days I will sit and I'll just write one list like one big list from most important to least important lately when I've been using that new financial year planner thing I have had six of the most important tasks on the right-hand side of the page and I'll go through and make sure that those things have to be like they have to get done there is no choice other than to get those done from that day and then in my blocked out time schedule I have all the little tasks but I want to try and do during that time that I have scheduled for that activity another way that you can do this is by drawing up a grid I don't find this method useful because I have a lot of tasks and I tend to get stuck on one grid and then I forget to look at the others but you might find it works really well for you so you divide your page up into four then you have a grid of important and urgent unimportant and urgent unimportant and not urgent and important but not urgent and then you can put your tasks into those different categories and it will help you figure out what needs to be done sooner and what needs to be done later something that I really like to do is put a little dollar symbol next to any revenue based activity so if it's something that has to be done like if I'm going to lose money by not doing this I need to know about it another point if it's a toss it takes less than two minutes and you can do it immediately then do it immediately and that's not to say you know fall off track of your schedule all the time if this is just if it's something really really quick and it's normally more important to do this if there is someone else relying on you for an answer or for you to get back to them if you're having trouble sticking to your schedule and you find that you end up on social media a lot try turning your phone to your airplane mode or just turning it off and my last point is to not entertain self-doubt it's really easy to look at all the things that you

have to get done in a day and think that it's not possible I know for myself for studying for a run eat relief for getting blank living still set up for trying to do all my cooking for trying to make videos and trying to have time for my own stuff as well like you know taking photos and hanging out with my boyfriend and all that it can be really hard and you might have different challenges in your life so you might be at school still or you might be working a job where you have to work 12-hour shifts or maybe you have kids or something like that but you can still make a schedule out of your day and it's important not to listen to that voice that says that you can't once you start putting together your schedule and actually sticking to it you'll find that you'll be able to have the time for the activities that you want to do be able to work a little bit more on the projects that you want to get done as well most people have a goal that they want to achieve rather than setting up a awesome new project or maybe just finding more time to relax and a schedule can help him do that I hope some of these tips were useful to you it's just my sort of method of creating a schedule for myself if you are new don't forget to hit subscribe and you can find me on all my other social media I will pop the links up on the screen here but for now I hope you guys are all doing really well and I'll catch you in my next video bye Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.