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Finding the Right Magician for Kids A magic show can do wonders in any kid’s party as it helps kids live their fantasies about magic in the real world. While hiring a clown for a kid’s party is the traditional way to go, a performance by a magician will do so much more to allow kids have the time of their lives. However, hiring a magician requires a fair amount of consideration and thought to ensure that the performance is apt for particular age group and interests of the kids being invited to the party. Sure, cost is an important factor to consider when hiring a magician but there is a lot more that goes into setting up the perfect show. To begin with, you must take out the time to speak to several magicians and get a clear idea of what each one of them has to offer in these magic shows. At this point, it is important that you do not restrict your selection criteria to cost and take other factors into consideration as well. You can also request the magician to show a few tricks so you know what his/her show is going to be all about. Age of kids participating in the party is one of the most important factors to consider at this point. After all, you do not want a magician who does not understand age appropriateness and blurts out a bad joke half way through the show. The kids must understand what the magician is pulling off. This is another reason why it always helps to have a clear understand of what the magician is going to perform well before the show actually takes place. Many established magicians have their own websites with loads of sample videos of their past performances. This is indeed the best way to get a clear idea of what to expect from each magician. Again, a good magician is not only about the great tricks. The magician should be capable of encouraging audience participation. Children will not enjoy sitting in the same place and watching for a very long time. So, the magician must also be capable of keeping the kids active and occupied throughout the show. A magic performance which has kids participate in every act is sure to keep kids occupied and having fun for much longer than ones that have kids sit and watch. As a child, the best thing one could expect is to be a part of all the magic and entertainment. Different magicians have varying techniques and methods. While some use magic tricks, others utilize lighting techniques and effects to create illusions. Whatever type of magician you choose, you must always keep in mind that kids tend to bore really easily and the methods chosen by the magician must be able to tackle this challenge. The magician should be capable of keeping the audience guessing at all times without letting the show get too predictable. A good magician will go beyond routine performances to ensure that he/she has a unique show set up for every party.

Finding the right magician for kids  
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