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The blog is growing nicely, plus it’s a good place to get things off your chest ;) Have a look at the types of trends and topics we are covering (plus tone of voice and style of writing) for: Blog tagline: “A blog written by comedians who showcase their cynical views on society trends” Note: You don’t need to be a fully fledged comedian, but you need to be funny and cynical about shit… Blog Instructions: The blog looks at trends in society and popular culture. If you come across anything you find funny or interesting (that you could be cynical or funny about) get involved. It can be pretty much anything! If you would like to write a blog post we would like the following... 1. Think of a subject

2. Check the hashtag in instagram or Statigram ( is better in my opinion as you see many more appropriate hashtags (tags)). Log in with your Instagram details @

3. Type in your trend or topic in the search box and you will see a list of tags (right hand side). Pick a suitable tag (min 50 pics) that is relevant to your story. You can get some dicks tagging bollocks in Instagram not related to the subject, I can remove these anyway. Don't choose a tag with tens of thousands of images on it, or it will overload the site (and crash poor old Wordpress), so be careful on selecting the right tag – I can double check anyway and maybe pick a slight alternative. If you can't find a tag, supply 3 or 4 killer images that articulate your point and we won't have an image carousel at the top of the post.

4. Write your post (not war and peace length), you can add in YT video links if you want to back up a point. Give your post a title and supply your twitter handle (so we can promote you). Supply 2 or 3 instagram images to back up your point, The best way to do this is to go on to Instgarm on your phone, take a screen print and send the image to yourself. I can crop the image.

5. When live, promote the shit out of it on social media and to any groups, or communities you are a member of. If you know any celebs with some klout ask them nicely for a re-tweet :) That's basically it – if you are up for it tweet me @LTAHashtag Thanks, Jason. 

Writing for the #LIFETHROUGHAHASHTAG Blog  

“A blog written by comedians who showcase their cynical views on society trends”

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