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Gnarrlyness A Picture Series By Jason sellers - London 2011

October 28.-29. 2011 I visited Sol Smith and his click last weekend in his Hometown London. We went riding for 2 days and had A hell of a time. Here are some impressions of what we did and experienced. Props go out to sol, Lewis, Jordan, Oscar, Hector, and Gus. these dudes are unique, solid as hell in riding, have a huge amount of humor and are plainly fun to be around. Can‘ t forget my man Kris for holdin me down! Let‘s call this part 1... more to come next year!

Peace we out we‘ll be back again!... seen in these images: sol smith Lewis Berrill Jordan Smith Oscar Kahn All Pictures By Jason Sellers. All Rights reserved. Š 2011


A Photoseries by Jason Sellers. London 2011.